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  1. Default Beyoncé is possessed!

    Couldn't find this posted on SP, and it's the first time I've seen it in general, so here we go:


    She's possessed by Sasha Fierce, an instrument of satan, during performances, leading her to do perverse dances and make "angry man-faces."


    Really though, a long-time family friend posted this to Facebook, and being the fool I am, I watched it. Of course, I had trouble hearing the audio over my own laughter, but some of the things were interesting. I never knew about her husband's clothing line, nor her gorgeous (and gaudy) ring. Honestly, if she feels empowered by the spirit of Sasha Fierce, then good for her. Perhaps it's true. Should we care? Nope. Protect your kids from rapists and murderers, not Beyoncé.

    Stay fierce, girl. Stay FIERCE!

  2. Default Beyoncé is possessed!

    Maybe this should be in Shenanigans.

    Beyonce is queen.

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    Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    While I'd not go to extreme levels with it/get into an argument with someone over it, it seems pretty obvious that there's some sort of demonic possession going on, that she even admits to.

    Not something I openly welcome or care to mess with.

    Don't care for most mainstream artists, anyways, so it doesn't effect me personally.

  4. Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    Thanks for moving the thread, I wasn't sure where to put it.

    I wouldn't call it "demonic" possession, but if she TRULY does have blackouts/not remember doing things during performances, maybe she does channel a spirit through her body. I believe in spirits, so why not one who can put on a helluva show?

  5. Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    "seems to black out and be unconscious of her body."

    the SAME thing happens to me...when im a club...shaking my ass on my boyfriends and other dudes junk.


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    Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    This was all very interesting until the very end when he started babbling Christian nonsense.

    But seriously, wtp did I just watch?

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    Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    So from this I learned.. that Jay-Z is a douche who wears Douchey clothing and Beyonce pretends she has an alter ego for her performances (which sounds pretty reasonable, a lot of people say they feel like a different person while performing)

    I thought the video was a rather funny satire until I realized that this guy (with an incredibly annoying voice "end quote") genuinely believes Beyonce is possessed by a demon. At which point I stopped watching.

  8. Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    Or they just act like they are from the illuminati for more attention...

  9. Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    Jay Z is actually a good guy check this out;


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    Default Re: Beyoncé is possessed!

    The happy idea of him talking to a random old woman on a subway train kinda loses it's charm when you realize that he's being filmed doing it.



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