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    What is Berserker?(as if it wasn't obvious already)

    wtp is the Frenzy Gauge?

    Berserker Skills and Delays(skills, numbers and shizz, yo)

    There you go. Took me a month to make sure everything was kosher, even down to the skill delays. Though Im still not sure about some skills, or the damage of Furious Attacks. Ill decide where to go with it after some feedback.

    Im going to write up my thought process behind the whole project and give some insight into some of the things I did, but at a later date. My head is throbbing so hard right now im going to fall over.
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    Reminds me of

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    My love for you is like a truck BERSERKER
    Would you like to making pineapple BERSERKER

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    Did he just say... making pineapple?

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    I was just thinking the same thing. Well, Fate Zero's Berserker is a bit too OP so I'd go with Fate Stay Night's one in this case.

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    A berzerker who throws pineapples obviously until the enemy is dead

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    To be honest, I liked hercules more as an archer than a berserker. Seems like such a waste to have a guy with intelligence and mythical treasures be mindless and dumb as a berserker.

    Then again, were getting a tad off-topic.

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    Yeah but Hercules had to die 12 times before he got killed. Sure you want the Pallys to throw a pineappleing fit?

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    I like the idea =O Especially with having to keep attacking to keep your Frenzy up, but it smells a lot like Aran. Still an interesting idea, nevertheless.

    And we should have it Dual Wielding Two Handed Axes =o Make them more important! Too many swords nowadays D=

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    That aran thing had not occurred to me at all until right now.

    I guess I can see a small similarity, the fact they both have an important mechanic that involves quickly filling and maintaining it. Granted one of them has you spend(lol) it.

    Although, I would also argue there are many, many other differences between the classes as a whole package. In fact one of the most major differences between the two maintain mechanics is Frenzy obviously has a massive, huge, substantial effect on your damage, combo only grants small bits of W atk and crit(in regards to damage increases).

    In my earlier drafts I actually had this class dual-wielding a Mace(I hate the term blunt weapon) and an Axe, no swords. You can't stab things with an axe or sword though, not like you can with a sword. The more I thought about it swords seemed to fit a more wild, flailing, brainless, anger-driven armed combat style that a berserker might utilize because the swords can injure someone with a stab or a slash.

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    yeah, i kinda forgot to mention the aran thing too :C sorry bout that, any who i read up on the skills, i like the changes you did to some of skills. To be frank, when ever i picture a battle axe the prime example in my head is Vifennis axe in maplestory. Its curved outward so it does allow for a stabbing move. In my head that is the schema that axes follow, and i picture most axes like that. So the whole axe can't stab never really crossed my mind when i was reading this skills when i suggested they use an axe in my pms.

    Also, you know the hyper that adds +20% critical on primal assualt you may want to consider changing it. he has a base of 30% critical when chaining attacks, if you add phantoms link v2 +15% that is 45% lvl 198 hyper thats 55% + marskman card at lvl 100= 58% crit, then if your attacking an enemy less than 30% health that gets changed to 78% crit + on top of the passive 50% crit from primal assualt=128% critical rate + on top of 20% more puts him at 148% critical rate for that attack. Even assuming he didnt get the 20% critical from the culling the weak, that still puts him at 128% critical, and assuming you dont get the critical +20% hyper, at 108% o.....o What i would suggest just make primal assualt attacks all critical and change the 20% critical hyper to something more useful. I also dont like the fact the skill has cooldown, unless you pull a ems hard mode server kind of thing where there is no time lag penalties in using skills with cooldowns because a 6 second cooldown with the current ms lag would prob turn into 8-10 seconds in my personal opinion. My marksman snipe cooldown with its 5 second cooldown and actually living in california and fairly close to nexon HQ is still at around 8-9 seconds :S I dont know if this was taken into account with the skill delay of the attack, because i frankly suck at math and doing the calculations would prob make my head explode.

    Also, he seems to have no active damage reduction, otherwise we going to have another Drk situation where lots of hp, but cant survive a 1/1 + sed if hero will was used up. Unless i just thought of this, would glutten for punishment work as a shield against 1/1? LIke if your at full health and you get 1/1, would you drop to half health and the rest of it dissapearing in 5 seconds, giving you enough time to maybe survive a sed+ 1/1. I didn't take that into account because i didn't know if glutten for punishment would protect against 1/1 so can you clarify

    And grrrrr, some of the skills i was thinking of to put in my beserker class are now present in your beserker. :s gonna have to retouch those skills in some way so it dont seem like im copying x....x

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    i guess ill just go in order

    -primeval assault is kind of boring. i included it originally just because i thought weaving a big damage hitting skill into the titanic cleave + colossal blow bossing rotation would be cool. just kind of boring though, thinking about removing it and putting in something else.
    -he has no active damage reduction on purpose. he isn't meant to be a master of all trades character lol. he has a decent sized health pool, 20% damage reduction, and the bleed. i believe that is enough. also no it doesn't affect 1/1's, but it would affect ranged attacks that monsters do. I should edit the description to reflect that.
    -i do not care that berserker is another DrK, berserker is manaless and can use Deep Rend if he gets 1/1'd and heal to full with it. i have no sympathy for any berserker player that dies to a 1/1.

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    swear my vision must be going >.< i didn't notice the -20% damage reduction on juggernaut. Okay this changes things completely :/ so he does have passive damage reduction so thats fine, i thought he has NO damage reduction at all but everythings cool now, totally forgot he doesnt use mana x0x so yes he could just use deep rend.



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