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    I just need some peace of mind clarification:

    Is it 50% (assuming maxed out Haku Perfected) of Fan's magic attack or an increase in 50% of the equipped fan's magic attack. To expand upon it if you're confused by my wording: assuming a 90 attack fan, is it a 45 magic attack increase (50% of 90) or an increase of 135 magic attack (50% + base)?

    There's some confusion.

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    Default Re: Haku's Blessing

    I see you were stumped by the same Basil thread I was. I eventually gave up trying to explain to that guy what you are currently trying to explain.

    His idea of how it works is wrong, I just couldn't figure out a way to word it.

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    Anyone else? I'm primarily asking because two people have shown that Haku with the higher magic attack fan adds more range (thus implying that it's 50% of the fan's magic attack is added to the fan and then your range) and two people have shown that Kanna with the higher magic attack fan adds more range (thus implying that it's only 50% of the fan's magic attack). The two people with higher ranges when Haku holds it are ultra funded and the two people with higher ranges when Kanna holds it are not nearly as funded (we're talking like 300-400k range versus 7-50k ranges here).

    Is it possible that Haku multiplies fans' potentials in any way?

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    It's too bad the blessing only lasts 40 seconds. Those of us without an equal fan could just switch them out.

    My range goes up around 3K if Haku is holding my fan and I switch them after he casts the blessing, lol.

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    Default Re: Haku's Blessing

    Embarrassingly, I never did figure out how to get Haku to hold a fan.

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    Default Re: Haku's Blessing

    under your equip screen, next to the android tab button, is a "haku" button

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    Haku's calculations do some weird pomegranate, and I still have absolutely no idea how it works.

    I bring back mention of my situation where I had the Lv.120 fan you get from quests (100 for you guys, but on release it was a 120 fan), and then I got my Empress Fan, so I tried giving Haku my old Timeless Fan to replace the Quest fan. Everything on my Timeless Fan totalled to better than my Quest fan, even the Potential, yet somehow the end result was that the Quest fan gives more of a boost, I have absolutely no idea why. It's something like 20 more MATK, more INT, and more LUK, yet the Timeless Fan somehow gives less range.

    I've stopped trying to figure it out myself and have just left it with whatever the game decides is better, because there's some weird calculations in there that I don't have the energy or care to figure out.

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    You need to be careful testing, because if you swap the fans while Haku's buff is active, it doesn't immediately update to reflect the new stats.

    Some time when I'm bored I may log on my Kanna again and work out what the 4th job Blessing does. All I can say for now is that the 2nd job Blessing is a buff worth 10% of the matk of the fan Haku's equipping, and its potential gets into your range no matter whether that buff is up or not.

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    Yeah, I know, because it's just like Booster or anything like that. Even if you switch to the same type of weapon it doesn't stay active (even if the buff icon is still there).

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    Numbers numbers. Always better with numbers.

    Set bonuses to damage: m.att+6
    Skill bonuses:
    Elemental Blessing +13 matk
    Elementalism +10% damage
    Empress's Blessing +25 matk
    Spirit Path +30 matk
    Kasen +1% damage (not currently working, allegedly)

    Equips other than fans: 33 matk
    = 107 matk

    Base range with a 95 m.atk fan, 631 int, 98 luk: 5918 ~ 7786.

    Assuming I haven't missed anything, that means 202 matk -> 38.545 range per m.atk.
    Range with Haku holding an 80 m.atk fan: 6924 ~ 9111.

    This works out to an increase of 34.38 m.atk. Haku's Blessing says it's 23% of m.atk, the extraction agrees. But this is 23% of 149.48 m.atk which is not even a round number.

    Switching the 2 fans around, 80 fan on main = 5473~7202, +95 on Haku = 6569 ~ 8643.
    Increase of 42.23 m.atk.

    Switch to a 55 m.atk fan on Haku. Base range is still 5918 ~ 7786.
    Range with Haku holding a 55 m.atk fan: 6598 ~ 8683.

    This works out to an increase of 23.27 m.atk.

    These are approximately proportional to the m.atk of the fan Haku's wearing, but they're more than 23%. One's 43%, the other's 42.3%.

    Probably a good idea to check my base assumptions.
    Base range with a 26 m.atk fan, 631 int, 98 luk: 3876 ~ 5100. 133 matk -> 38.346 range per m.atk. Does fit with the other range.
    Range with Haku holding an 80 m.atk fan: 4527 ~ 5957. This works out to an increase of 22.35 m.atk. So Haku is being consistent, it's just... not 23% of the magic attack.
    80 -> 18 -> 34.38
    55 -> 12 -> 23.27

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    Your last result implies that the fan provides 27% of its weapon attack, so it's not consistent.

    There appears to be an error somewhere with the 2nd job, as the Blessing skill states 10%, but Haku Reborn says 40%, and in JMS, it was 20%. I'm not sure if it was changed during Tempest, but 4th job's is 23% because it continues off of 2nd job's 20%.

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    Oh yeah, compared the wrong two results. Maybe they run a straight percent damage increase?

    80 matk fan: 17% increase in range. (works with both 95 and 26 matk fans on Kanna) * 80*.23 = 18.4
    95 matk fan: 20% increase in range. * 95*.23 = 21.85
    55 matk fan: 11.5% increase in range. * 55*.23 = 12.65
    23% = 1.4, 1.85, and 1.15 points higher than observed results.

    I should mention that Elemental Blessing's +13 matk bonus is very close to my total HP (requires 9100; I have 9099 without the fans) and some of the fans add +hp (specifically the 80 matk one is +35 and 55 matk one is +20) so I'm not 100% sure that it was always 13. I did try to check on it.

    If it's stacked additively with Elementalism, they work out to 128.5%, 132.0%, and 122.67%, which does mesh more closely with the 23% of matk results.

    Anyone else want to test that hypothesis?
    matk*skill% = damage% (additive to Elementalism)

    So for example, a 100 m.atk Fan on Haku with maxed Haku's Blessing would be a 50% bonus (but since it's additive to Elementalism, it would show up as 45.45% higher range).

    This would explain why sometimes Haku's fan is better for high matk. There is a point where they break even.
    If you have 100 base matk, and 100 + 150 matk fans, the options are
    kanna holds 150 matk fan: 250*1.5 = 375
    haku holds 150 matk fan: 200*1.75 = 350
    If you have 200 base matk, and 100 + 150 matk fans, the options are
    kanna holds 150 matk fan: 350*1.5 = 525
    haku holds 150 matk fan: 300*1.75 = 525
    If you have 300 base matk, and 100 + 150 matk fans, the options are
    kanna holds 150 matk fan: 450*1.5 = 675
    haku holds 150 matk fan: 400*1.75 = 700

    ie. more other sources of matk = better off equipping the higher matk fan on Haku.

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    The variables imply MATK, as Haku Reborn and Haku Perfected both use indieMad for their readout; however, the Haku's Blessing, which actually deals with the buff uses an x, with which it is possible it is a +total damage%.

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    I thought I'd post the stats in regards to my two fans, and see if that helps you guys out any.

    Quest Fan:
    No Blessing Range: 38017 - 42144
    Blessing Range: 62409 - 69239
    Base Stats: 1 INT, 81 WATK, 105 MATK
    Potential Stats: 12 LUK, 6 WATK, 6 MATK

    Blessing buff gave approximately a 64.29% Range increase.

    Timeless Fan:
    No Blessing Range: 37207 - 41244
    Blessing Range: 61054 - 67740
    Base Stats: 15 INT, 2 LUK, 79 WATK, 137 MATK
    Potential Stats: 12 WATK (Rest is useless)

    Blessing buff gave approximately a 64.24% Range increase.

    Total differences between the two fans:
    In Base Stats: Timeless Fan has higher INT, LUK, and MATK. Quest Fan has higher WATK.
    In Potential Stats: Timeless Fan has higher WATK. Quest Fan has higher LUK and MATK.
    In Total Stats: Timeless Fan has higher INT, WATK and MATK. Quest Fan has higher LUK.

    Statistically, the Timeless Fan SHOULD give superior boosts, but does not.

    No Blessing Range is my range with all other natural Kanna buffs except Haku.

    The only thing that's better on the Quest Fan is the LUK bonus it has, and it has different Potential, but with all the stats combined the Timeless fan is clearly superior. Even if Haku's fan ignores Potential completely, the Timeless Fan is still miles ahead, and yet it decreases my range.

    A weird thing happened to me while I was gathering this data. Originally, the Blessing range boost for both weapons was at about 49.5%. Then, randomly, while I was looking at the stats, I watched my range increase. No extra buffs were cast, all buffs were cast with the appropriate weapon equipped prior to buffs being cast. No decrease was seen. I personally made sure every buff was off before switching weapons. After the increase happened, after multiple more switches I could not get the range to decrease and it permanently stayed at the numbers I've posted. I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea what's going on with that. I've never actively watched my range like this before so I have never seen this happen before either.

    I thought at first that perhaps Maple Warrior had ended and I didn't notice, however with Maple Warrior off, the ranges are a separate set of numbers, with no correlation to the set I had seen. Since I couldn't determine what was causing that anomaly, I didn't have a way to get those numbers, since it happened while I was writing down the stats of the fans.

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    Default Re: Haku's Blessing

    Will a Timeless fan level on Haku or would I need to equip the second timeless fan to myself first?

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    By my formula I'd have predicted 62% from the Timeless, 48% from the Quest Fan... so 64% and 49.5% are a little high, and it doesn't explain why you got the higher boost from both fans. I guess the buffs aren't reliably choosing the weapon you'd expect...

    If you put the right fans on, then relog and cast Haku's buffs without changing equips, which ranges do you end up with?

    For that matter, JMS's Kanna does top out at "50% of Haku's magic attack", right?

  17. Default Re: Haku's Blessing

    Probably not, you'll probably have to level it yourself.

    I have no idea, though, just making an assumption.

    I'll try that out tomorrow if I get a chance. I know that both fans were getting the 49% buff until some random point while checking numbers and writing down stats that they both increased to the 64%. Then it fluctuated for a little bit, then stayed at the higher number and never went back down.

    As for the skill, yeah, it tops out at 50%.



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