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  1. Default Buying Wii or Wii U?

    Hello. After this semester I am planning to buy either a Wii or Wii U. The only game I currently want on the wii U is Pigmin 3. Maybe another game but a game for $60 feels like alot. (my last owned console was a GameCube). As for the Wii there is Wii sports/Wii Play/Wii Resort(can someone tell me what games is on Wii Play I would like that)

    Um I will probably need at least two Wii Remotes with Nun-chucks. I also Like the regular controls so I might get 1 or 2 of those if I end up with a Wii U.

    I also have $500 And I would prefer to spend all of it. Considering the price of the Wii U and The games/controllers I want, I'm thinking it would be better to just get a Wii. What do you guys thing if you care to indulge me.

    I found out that the Wii Sports Resort needs a Wii plus controller which is more expencive. But then I read somewhere that Wii Sports doesn't work with the Plus controller?? Is there a big difference if I just buy a Regular controller with an adaptor vs the Plus built in. Or is my information just faulty all together.

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    Well... If you buy a Wii nowadays, you're not going to get the backwards compatibility the original generation came with, which means you're only getting one console. If you buy the Wii U, you'll get the Wii U + Wii in one package.

    If you plan to get a Wii U eventually, I'd say that's the better one to get, instead of having to spend money on both.

    As for what Wii games are good :

    -The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
    -The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword
    -Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption
    -Metroid Prime Trilogy
    -Super Mario Galaxy
    -Super Mario Galaxy 2
    -Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    -Mario Kart Wii

    Are some of the ones I would suggest. I don't even remember what all I even have. lol

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    I don't know what people have been telling you, but Wii remote pluses work with every wii game released, and every wii U game that supports any form of wii remote.

    A bunch of mediocre minigames.

    Maybe you're into very barebones minigame collections, but I didn't get more than 30 minutes of use out of the entirety of wii play.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm not like super interest in them but they can be pretty fun to play with friends. And my girlfriend sucks at most all games so im hoping these will be easy for her/us to play together. and some other friends when we get together.

    So the wii cant do gamecube games?not like it matters since I have a working one. But I feel like it smarter to do Wii U just because of the updates it can get and stuff. I dont however plan on getting alot of games. Oh can wii U read Gamecube games. I like the metroid Prime series. Well I only like the first one. 2nd one sucks with the dark and light world (really dislike that stuff, feel like it takes away from gameplay). So basically, How is Corruption?

    I just did some stuff just to check out prices. and everything I want comes out to be $526.54 before shipping & tax if I get Wii U. Over 500 but not too bad. Man controllers cost alot.

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    Agreed, the Wii U seems like the better option, if you bought a Wii and wanted to play Wii u games later you would need to buy a new console. Most of the good games on the Wii are first party (Nintendo) games, a majority of the thrid party games are not as good. There are still some good ones though. I honestly dont play consoles as much as handhelds or PC games. As of now, i only use my Wii U to play multiplayer games with friends, dont really touch it other than that. Can;t wait for the next smash bors and mario kart.

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    Yeah I mainly want to get it for just multiplier with friends. I think thats why I like Nintendo games more than others. That and I dislike realistic games/animations. Yeah im with you guys in that Wii U is the better option now. It has backplay anyway so its not like im loosing out on Wii Only games. Im kinda of excited for the new Smash Bros too. Though I havent played much of Brawl, I can Smash anyone in Melee. One game I wish they could release again is Custom Robo. I loved the battles in that one.

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    There is the original wii which is also a gamecube. Then there is a newer model which removed the backwards compatibility. There is also a 3rd model but it's pointless. If you can afford it you might as well go for the Wii U, since you said you had a working gamecube then you get to play everything.

    They released Metroid Prime Trilogy for the wii. They updated the two gamecube games with wii controls etc, so you might be interested in that.

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    The developers of that game have hinted toward a new game, actually.

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    Really? I'll be keeping an eye out for that one. Even though the story pretty much sucked the Opening video and the gameplay was fast paced and excited. Kind of like if Maple had like 5minute bosses but interesting. I really regret selling that game. and may others I used to have.

    If the Gameplay could be somewhat like the opening video, All of my want.

    The only think I hope they dont do is make the maps so large that people can end up camping easily. The think that makes this game awesome is you always have to be in action.

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    Default Re: Buying Wii or Wii U?

    Just from watching LPers play it, I say you should also give Wii Party a try, as well as Mario Party 9, if you're looking for fun multiplayer games. Those are both on the Wii.

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    A thing to note, if you still have your gamecube (like me) keep it if you buy a Wii U since it does not have backwards compatibility with GC games. You may also want to look into pro/clasic controllers fro some of the non-motion games as the Wii U controller can be a tad clunky with them.

    Also, may i ask if you have a newer or older TV? the Wii uses component (the three red/white/yellow) cable, while the Wii U uses HDMI. It probably is not a big issue but older TVs do not support HDMI.

    You can usually get decent dealss on the small minigame games like WiiPlay and such. I got the Wii U pro or w/e it was (for the 32Gvs8G memory, they also sell 320G memory expansions for $70-80 if you need). I got Nintendo land for "free" with the bundle and it was surprisingly fun, i spent a good 5 hours playing the minigames with my friends (Zelda and Metroid were by far our favorites, most of them are pretty fun).

    Also, if you are looking for remotes, some games come with a remote and it is sometimes cheaper to get the bundle game+remote than just the remote (and you can always sell the game). I would try to get at least one remote with motion plus as quite a few newer games need it. All games at use the regular controller will work fine with the plus controller too.

    Quick question i have for anyone that bought the Wii U: Did you get a regular Wii remote or just the game pad? I'm pretty sure I only got the game pad, which was fine since i have 5 remotes (from various games that bundle them). I was kinda surprised that it would not include one regular remote.

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    Like everyone said

    - An old Wii can also play gamecube games
    - A Wii U can play both Wii and Wii U games.

    If you want to play Wii games, getting the Wii U seems like the best option. Right now is the perfect chance to do so because the Wii U library is pretty small and most Wii games should be pretty cheap. The lastest games like Xenogears and LoZ: SS should be around 45$? and everything else between 20 to 30$.

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    Most GameCube games worth their salt will most likely be available for download on the Wii U sooner or later anyway. Backwards compatibility is a thing that is more and more rendered pointless. Unless you are sitting on a big number of GameCube games and no GameCube of course.

    Buy a Wii U, the original Wii have a pathetic number of good games and the online options are dinosaur old.

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    Brawl is nice too.

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    Haha, no. Anyone of that opinion shouldn't be buying Nintendo consoles, period. If you weren't happy with what you got on Wii, you won't be happy with what you get on Wii U.

    The wii had a ton of excellent games.

    Sonic All stars racing transformed is better than mario kart 7. Since it looks like they're going to rush mario kart U as well, I strongly disagree.

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    I disagree to a certain degree, games that would never have been considered for the Wii seems to be up for Wii U release, like Darksiders 2 and Batman: Arkham City. I am sure the trend will go that way. Less and less game houses develop for one console and that trend will probably continue.
    But you do have a point, if you want more serious games and much more advanced hardware/software, you would do well to wait for PS4 or Xbox 720 (?), because they will outclass Wii U in everything except having Nintendos own games.

    Zelda games alone usually make Nintendo consoles worth their money, but if they continue to release such tired installments as Skyward Sword, they can keep their stuff.

  17. Default Re: Buying Wii or Wii U?


    I don't know about you, but if I've already paid for a game once, I'm not the type to enjoy paying for it a second time just so I can keep enjoying it on a new console. Not adding backwards compatibility to a game, then making it available in a virtual store is just their strategy to get you to pay more money for things you alrady have.

    If we are talking about distant generations like N64 or gamecube to Wii U, that can be understandable, but compatibility between consoles like Wii to Wii U and PS3 to PS4 should be a standard, even more when consoles like Ps3 and Xbox 360 will keep getting games for at least a year after the next ones are released.

    As for games on Wii, yes the quantity of good games on Wii is small compared to the PS3, but the experience you can get from these games is really one of a kind which cant compare to anythng on PS3/360.

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    Well I actually dont have a tv yet. at least for my apartment anyway. Um it only has HDMI cable? that kind of sucks. I was planning on using a projected for the picture and I already have some decent speakers i was going to use for the sound. But I know the HDMI cable puts all those things together. Dam people and always wanting better graphics.

    So nintendo bundles remotes alot? Honnest I wasn't planning on buying to many games though. Guess I could when more come out. Ill look into bundles.

    But no I dont think I would like PS4 or Xbox 720. I've played on the previous versions of the console and those seem to focus on a lot of games about graphics... And I like my cartoony graphics. Plus They are probably going to be more expensive. And they never come out with a new controller thats actually different >_>...

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    Yes. We are not there yet, so one generation back compatibility is not bad and is almost always included, but in a decade or so games will not even be sold in physical copies to begin with. It is not like backwards compatibility is a historical standard either, we have only had it for 2 generations of consoles, more or less.
    And in most instances, if you have the game, you have the console.



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