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  1. Default My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    Well, I know I don't usually post stuff like this, but... Well, I just wanted to know what the rest of the people thinks about this.

    But I'm not sure what is Nexon thinking when do things like these:

    1) Make Evan require NX to be decently playable.

    This is one of those things that make you wonder "SERIOUSLY!?" at how Nexon decides things. For each person willing to make an Evan main, and possibly take their time and money to improve it, most of them are going to see the NX requirements and go NOPE. Just because it feels like a pan to the face. Imagine how bad people's reactions must have been towards that, that they try to forget it never happened. But can't be undone because people ACTUALLY bought those things. They'd have to find something to make up for their extra NX loss.

    It already happened slightly with Dual Blades, but they could be able to acquire those books without requiring NX, even if with 1 less SP... That you end up getting later on at lv 200 when you can max everything. This version just got a more or less bad idea, and made it WORSE.

    2) Punish long time players, reward people who don't play.

    Ok, remember that event where they gave maple points? Maybe you don't because you logged on that month, and therefore became unable to get it. Yes, that's simply stupid. It's like telling players "Want NX? just QUIT". No wonder people start to quit this game just like that. what difference would have it done if that was open to everyone? Or if it was related to my next point...

    3) Maple BigWigs.

    Remember that? It was from last summer, I believe. Apparently, it was going to give us long time players exclusive stuff and nice things. Apparently that was 2 events and that was it. And by that was it, I mean completely, look my last point. What if that event where you could get maple points was open to both people coming back and this "select" group of loyals? Welp, Nexon logic I guess, but don't expect people playing for a long time to not feel betrayed.

    4) Free character slots no more?

    The last issue. Wasn't it strange that Kanna didn't give a character slot expansion? Well, some people got one off the attendance check. That they didn't claim. But I did claim it, and apparently, on the compensation, long after it expired, I got a x2 exp coupon. On my lv 200 main. The joy. But the real question arises. Is this a nice scheme to get money (perfectly normal for a bussiness), or just something that will piss off people? Well, consider this: if you are an oldie, you must have filled all your character slots by now for link skills and character cards. When a new character comes and you have to either delete one, or SPEND 7 DOLLARS TO MAKE A NEW ONE, or delete part of your hard work, you still wonder how much will you resist on this game.

    Paying to play, or deleting character to play. Of course, new people will only come with 3 character slots at the start, but well, the long time players earned it playing. And these players don't have the dilemma of deleting previous work. I can see a lot of people quitting after they have to pay for each new character.


    So... Is it just me, or Nexon is slowly burying its own grave? Being more benevolent could even earn them more cash in the long run. I mean, the game is announced FREE TO PLAY. What impression do players get instead when they start playing? I can imagine someone starting the first character as an Evan, see they need money to actually survive hits, and simply uninstall the game. No worries, they are fixing that. Soon, you won't be able to create an Evan for a while.

    Anyway. Any thoughts on this? I'm mostly sure I'm leaving some stuff, like cubing, because it's slowly being improved like making cubing not only NX required with occult cubes. Still BAD compared to the results, but a step. I'm just listing the poor marketing decisions.

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    Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    I agree, there are so many unnecessary cash grabbing things that Nexon does that just make us hate them. They STILL haven't changed Evan to not require NX mastery books? how much money could they really be making?

    The way I see the character slot issue is that we've been asking for more character slots for ages, and I see this as some pineappleed up compromise. You wanted more slots? great, but you aren't getting freebies anymore. But we will have to wait and see. They could give us one for Hayato, and they probably will give us more for Demon Avenger and Xenon. It's too early to tell.

    not being able to trade cash items between characters is just horrible cash grabbing. I understand that it makes them more money, but at the expense of making their players feel alienated and ripped off? is that the kind of dynamic they want with their players? It's bad enough that so many necessary things like pets with meso bags are NX only and expensive, but having to buy a separate one for each of our characters is just wrong when the capability for cash inventory sharing is available, they just don't want to give it to us. They make more than enough money from cube sales and other NX sales. Is it that much to ask for a little convenience?

    They refuse us a lot of things that would make the game more convenient. All event scrolls and items and untradeable. Why? if they are worried about it breaking the economy, MAKE THEM ACCOUNT TRADEABLE ONLY. It's a simple change that would make things more convenient, but they won't do it. Why? because they are plums. and they refuse to give us simple little privileges.
    Another thing that would be convenient? not making us relog our characters to change link skills.

    Their business ethic is shoddy and all over the place. I'd be more willing to spend my money on a gaming company I trust, not one which I expect will screw me over and make my gaming experience annoying.

  3. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    They need to bring in shared cash shops between your account, each time a new character is released I need to purchase the same stuff over and over. It's becoming a chore to do so and gives me less interest in playing the class itself.

  4. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    Well, there's one thing I can accept. Restrictions on visual things. Remember they still need to make money, it's just ridiculous when they make ridiculous changes to make more money when every user ends up annoyed.

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    Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    There's always going to be flaws in every game company. I just wished that Nexon would be able to fix some of it.

  6. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    What does everyone think about unlimited and the increase in boss HP? Is it a legit attempt to engender more party play or is it another moneymaking scheme?

  7. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    After potential system, nexon only thinks in releasing things that requires you to buy nx....

  8. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    i agree with the notion of having to buy nx skill books. Just plain selfish and disrupts the flow of the game.

  9. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    1) You know it's bad when even Asiasoft does not require cash to buy the Magic Guard skillbook. On the other hand...our drop rates for all other core books are so pitiful it's likely that you'll spend cash for SoKs just to get your other skills if you can't survive a Czak run.

    2) Completely agreed. From my perspective I believe Nexon thinks that its most loyal players will continue playing no matter what which is why they prefer to rope in old customers, but that line of thinking is completely ineffective as players that quit for lengths at a time tend to not contribute anything substantial due to the cost of making viable equipments for bossing.

    3) I can't say much about Bigwigs specifically but I do think a more dedicated loyalty program needs to be implemented in each version on MS (LOOKING AT YOU, ASIASOFT). KMS' Happy Day and GMS' Hot Day are both systems I think could be utilized for this, and the rewards could be items such as cubes, protection scrolls or just something that would help you out a bit with a chance of getting better rewards each month if you attend more days and consistently show up every month.

    This is something I think works because a lot of people who never cube are just not confident on getting anything good for their money, so you need a way to convince them to take the dive first.

    4) Naturally, this is what I consider the dumbest. If character= Possible revenue and no character= No revenue, it's plainly obvious which one would be more profitable.

    5) My thoughts about cubing: They're improving a bit on it, but they still need to thrash all the junk lines to get more people to cube and increase the chance of getting at least one useful stat or getting a rank up. Things such as 100% epic potential scrolls and unique potential scrolls are great as they help you to save a lot of cash, while they're also great for Nexon because you're more likely to cube if you have something already worth cubing.
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  10. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    While it is nice they are trying to change some stupid stuff like bosses dying in 30 sec, it is also true that an average player could not come close to the power it takes to do so. Most people can't even solo regular HT.
    Unlimited will not boost the base power of characters by very much. The brunt of power will still come from upgrading, and that will require dollars. The ingame currency is so weak that most players could not even begin to fund a character to the level it would take to be able to beat high end bosses.
    So more HP and power to bosses = bigger gap between the heavy cashers and the average people.

  11. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    I knew I was forgetting to address something! Root Abyss bosses were a good direction towards getting people on the path to fun bossing and party bossing if they wanted to do so (Since death count is a good reason why you might not want to take too many people), and then they made changes like making PDR multiplicative along with boosting the bosses so much that it's gone back to the same old "Buy NX today and you too can solo these bosses!" standard.

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    Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    i think in this case, it depends on what average player is. I just forged a 181 no EE axe. albeit empress weapons are expensive(the only input i put into the weapon), i spent 0 nx scrolling it(shield wards for free, event shop scrolls using coins, event and free clean slates) and was mainly due to the influx of nexon goodness events that just happened in the previous patch. To play the devils advocate, i'd like to argue that bossess in general aren't designed to be soloed. it just happens that people can. an average player shouldn't be trying to solo bossess. a group of average players however should have a much better chance. I mean that's how bossing originally intended to work, full 18/30 man parties trying to take a boss down. Defining average and defining what an average player can do is relative to whos speaking.

    heck since i haven't bothered to scroll the rest of empress set with my chaos scrolls of goodness, I actually still use my level 40 4% armor, and im level 195.

  13. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    Here's the underlining truth. Nexon does it because you people let them get away with it. Here's a huge issue I find, plenty of southperricans play maplestory. Hey, it's a maplestory forum, no surprise there, but we also know majority of the website as matured enough and read enough intellectual arguments to come to the conclusion concerning the OP's post. It's summarized as, Nexon doesn't care, they are incredibly money focused(Sorry but being a business does not justify the extreme measure they take to make profit), and they aren't reasonable.

    Yet we, the players, who have this general opinion about them continue to use nx. Let me repeat that,use. See the thing is, a lot of players justify themselves by saying "oh I bought the nx with mesos, lol i don't spend money!", and still accomplish the "godly" status. Whether this is from exploiting or lucking out (IE the pet exploit where worthless pet scrolls came with a big profit) it doesn't matter. The point is you don't buy nx, you just buy it from other people who throw money at them. But the fact that you are using it, purchasing cubes, hundreds of dollars worth, is just telling nexon flat out "Everything is fine". They don't care how the money gets in their hands, I doubt it's even a variable in their equation. What they look at is how well something is selling, how well the new broken class is doing, based on NX/cube sales. I can almost guarantee their entire focus is specifically on miracle cubes.

    What nexon does can't really be justified. The employees aren't the problem, @Girasol; does a fantastic job as a representative for us even with his/her ridiculous limitations. But when you go on other forums, as common as basilmarket, it's just all of these mashed opinions based on rumors and limited understanding. "ITS THE GM'S FAULT, LOLTOS MAKES THEM INVINCIBLE". There aren't a lot of people who play maplestory competitively in the grand scheme of things. I would say less than 10% of the total population, but within that 10% 1 of those players probably spends more than half the fanbase. If you really want to show nexon you're tired of them not only treating you like children who should just shut up and obey their abusive nature towards dedicated players, then stop even using NX.

    But no one has the discipline to do that. A significant amount of people tolerate it because it hasn't directly destroyed them in some fashion yet. They'll continue as they have been functioning for the last 6 years, people like maplestory for what it is, and tolerate the ridiculousness that comes with it. Adults have grown up and moved on from it, as will the later generations. Eventually they'll lose this generation, and realize how much thinner its becoming. People who have been with MS since the beginning have left it, people they introduced it too and kept them going to try to surpass them, are goign to leave even quicker. The power creep changes the entire game every 6 months, and they make it more Bot like eveyr passing "generation". People estimated maplestory is going to be here a long time, but I give it 5 years at best. New players are completely overwhelmed by the mountain of equipment they have to keep repeatingly shining up, assuming they can get a base set to begin with. Eventually there won't be many players who heavily invest in maplestory, the new players will never have that "ambition" to get to the top, because you can easily do it spending a large bill, the older players begin to realize how worthless it is. You get strong enough to fight a boss, hackers not only kill it first, but nerf the prices of everything down to scrap. No player is going to see the fun into investing at one point. Most of the less experienced players are finally enjoying the other half of maplestory, and that's a problem. Not because they don't deserve it, but they are speeding through everything, hitting the head and quitting.

    For the last 5 years, generations have carried other generations, making them ambitious to have them be the first do something, the work being part of your character. Soon there won't be a generation to pass that ambition, in fact the only answer we're going to hear is "Just buy nx you'll be godly easily". And it all goes back to the players giving nexon the wrong message; "We love what you're doing with the game, check out the sales to make our characters stronger in anticipation for the new godly content that requires an auto hp healing pet to go through instant ko's!"

    If you want to change their methods, change your hobby.

  14. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    ^ That right there explains why MapleSEA is still standing. Worst service out of all of the versions but there's people younger than me who haven't even had a first job that are stronger than my main by miles, need I say any more? I will admit that I increased my cash spent substantially over the past few months but I'm almost done capping my stat so that I'm prepared for Root Abyss while there's still people going over the top with 21% everything and 120+% boss for bosses that don't even give much of a return now.

    This was something I brought up before only to be met with cries of how people can spend their money any way they like. Yes you can, but consider what kind of an opinion that sends towards Nexon even when you sell off your godly items to get more godly items each time they release a new set especially when you didn't need it anyway. You might not be spending much except for PsoKs, but the message is still that you approve of what they did in some way.

  15. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    You are correct in that the average is not easily defined, but let me tell you this though, a group of people with fully scrolled gear will not even dent the high end bosses. Without heavy use of potential (and the cubing that entails) it will not happen.

  16. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    :( 120%+ LUK and 300+ WA here, doing 50k per line of Mille on Empress because I am not cubing a boss% cane and card. Forget solos, that's not even very helpful for my party at present.

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    Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    I agree with a lot of what @KhainiWest; said. As long as people continue to buy NX as per usual, the game will continue as per usual.

    I long ago quit buying NX personally because I can't justify the expense for a game I genuinely hate a lot of the time. I'm well aware that the NX I buy with mesos continues to support them, but until GMS gets KMS' conversion system, I have no other option.

    That's the one thing Khaini misses in his analysis by suggesting players will age out of the game and quit. There is simply no viable alternative for a 2D side scrolling MMO. MapleStory has no direct competition! There are dozens of p2p and f2p MMOs, but the vast majority are 3D and the few 2D games are too small to be any real competition. That's the real reason why MapleStory has continued to survive despite at best questionable business practices.

    At the same time, I do have to give Nexon a lot of credit for the Hot Times, event shops, free cubes, etc. that they have come out in the last 6 months. For those willing to put in the effort, a lot of wealth can be accumulated through coin farming and intelligent investment in event items like Tempest rings/shoulders. Heck, the everyday hot time event gave out dozens of Protection scrolls, LDS, 20% clean slates, etc if you were willing to put in the time. I think that was unbelievably generous. When I say unbelievably, I really mean it. If I wasn't there for the event, I'd think it was a hoax.

    To respond more directly to the OP:
    1. Yes I still think that requiring skill books to be bought from the cash shop is unforgivably greedy. It violates the very sketchy principle that this game can even be played without paying. On the other hand, this is a relatively small amount of money and it's required for only a single class. I have a hard time getting upset about it anymore.

    2. I don't think they're punishing the long time players. The very event that gave out 3-6k MP for returning players had a counterpart for active players. Active players got 2 free super miracle cubes! While not quite an equal trade, they weren't exactly giving us the shaft.

    3. I was only around for 1 of the BigWig events. I thought the rewards were "meh". As a long time players, of course I would like to see Nexon reward us, but I don't feel the need to demand it.

    4. OK wow. People really need to calm down about this whole character slot thing. I have gotten a total of 14 free character slots from Nexon. If I hadn't been banned during AB hot time and 1 day of the check off event, I'd have 2 more. I can't really see how not giving out 1 slot for Kanna or even 2 if Hayato doesn't get one can be all that objectionable. It costs a mere $5.5 for a slot since they're on sale at the moment. That seems like a very reasonable price to me. I've played a wide range of MMOs over the years and I don't think that any of them besides Maple give away slots for free.

    I can't see anyone quitting over not having enough character slots. That's probably one of the silliest reasons to quit this game. Character slot sales have are one the few Cash Shop items which do not have a direct advantage for NX users on player damage. Yes you can make an argument regarding Character Cards/Link Skills, but look at it differently. You wanted a reward for long time players right? Here it is. Long time players who collected their free character slots don't have to buy as many as new players! You can't simultaneously as loyal players to get special rewards then object when those rewards aren't given out to brand new players.

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    Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    Valve complete pack for only $99 USD. Do I need to mention more?

  19. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    Well, I was here to reach up to 16 slots. But know what's funny? I even had the chance to let 3 character slot expansions expire, because I reached the cap (That of course I never got the chance to use/get returned). Those were giveaways. That's from hot times and the likes. They KNOW free slots give more money, apparently while making people who play happy. But think about it from a new player's perspective.

    With 3 slots, and around 35 classes, would you be buying expansion slots around 20 times, spending 110$, as new classes come out, or would you just buy, for example, Valve's complete pack? Oh, by the way, if the sales weren't here, it'd easily go up to 140$.

    I just doesn't make sense. With the much better games out there for so less money, they are going to be losing costumers. Simply because of simple offer and demand. Or just have a look at this LINK. That's right. Either get a new character slot to keep playing the same game over and over and over and over, or get one of those 1390 games. I didn't even make up the number, that's how many steam games are out there for less than 5€, not sure about $. And that's not even counting Free to Play. Look at it from a person who doesn't spend hundreds of dollars in this game. Because if you consider 5$ not much, it's because you do, and OH BOY I'm sure about that.

  20. Default Re: My humble opinion on Nexon's path.

    If I wanted that I would have gotten it, thanks. Did you seriously just quote three walls of text only to add a one-liner that basically translates to "Here's what I consider to be a good investment, never mind that a lot of people might already have it, the games there do not play the same way as Maple and is therefore mostly unrelated to the discussion at hand"?



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