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  1. Default Will of the Alliance Quest

    I know most of the class can get the the alliance skilll... however
    I dont know how to get the alliance skill / quest for these 3 jobs is missing....


    Angelic Buster


    Can they get the skill?

    If so... how do you start the quest? and what quest is it?

  2. Default Re: Will of the Alliance Quest

    Well, technically, the jobs getting that skill are the ones that are in the maple alliance... Technically those 3 jobs come from an alternate universe, so maybe that's why they don't apply?

  3. Default Re: Will of the Alliance Quest

    I assume it was an act of laziness about adding in a storyline/cutscenes for more will of alliance members, but it might just be that someone forgot to put them in. I guess an easy way to decide if Nexon forgot to do it or not is if these new Cygnus classes that are coming out in KMS are able to join the Maple alliance.

  4. Default Re: Will of the Alliance Quest

    ??? But my Wind Breaker has that skill now, you just need to be level 120 and have completed the story quests up until meeting Della at the Temple of Time. I'd go with the 'Alternate worlds' scenario first as they did add it in for Luminous who's obviously going to join the Alliance because all of the Heroes are already in it.

  5. Default Re: Will of the Alliance Quest

    Remember that KMS think that Nova classes are too powerful to even recieve link skills, so why would they give them this small unnecessary boost?
    And when it comes to Kanna and Hayato, JMS often goes their own way.

  6. Default Re: Will of the Alliance Quest

    Yeah, I would assume if the new KMS Cygnus classes are in it, the nova classes only aren't because Nexon specifically chose not to include them. Whether it was for balancing purposes like CarrionCrow suggested or if they were too lazy to write an explanation for it like I originally assumed is anybody's best guess. Either way, that points to it being intentional and that they're not going to get them later on.

  7. Default Re: Will of the Alliance Quest

    The revamped Cygnus classes aren't new classes. They're just overhauled classes that already exist.
    Alloy's post gives the most likely reason; they're not from maple world, so they're not in the maple world's alliance.

    Edit: Easiest way to disprove it is if DA/Xenon can't get the skill.



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