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    Apparently Lost Saga na closed down a while ago, but it's being restarted by a new company, WeMade Entertainment USA. I'm only saying it because there's an event where if you register by march 18th, you'll get an exclusive package including some heroes, one of which being free, and a mystery motion.

    If you've played OGP LS you would of known they have some pomegranate events, but looking at this one people are thinking that the new company will have some good ones, so that will be my reason for keeping an eye on it.

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    Oh what the? I never knew they shut down a while ago. Maybe some company will pick up Trickster if it's like that.

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    I love how their site's Community button links to Facebook.

    Side note: Any good videos about this game? I've honestly never heard of it before.

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    It kind of reminds me of Brawl in a sense, but it's also a bit different. There's tons of heroes you can buy, and each person can have a bunch of heroes active at once. Basically in a fight, you can use one hero, and swap to another midfight. What makes a hero is their 4 items, their weapon, headgear, armor, and trinket. When you have 0 hp, these all fall off, and when they're all off you die. When they fall off, you can steal some of the enemy player's gear for the duration of that fight and use it as your own. So let's say you're an assassin and you killed a boxer, you can take the boxer's gloves, and then you are suddenly using the Boxer's style of fighting, while having all of your other assassin gears on.

    As you can see the guy at 1:20ish has a good amount of different gears on his templar, you can obtain gear chests with in game money and equip them on your characters. I find it pretty fun since I love the customization and the huge amount of heroes in the game.

    In this video they're kinda lagging, but the new company will hopefully change that.

    Also found a site that has an interactive list of the heroes, I think it goes up to 7 lists.



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