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  1. Default Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    MBTI is a really famous personality typing system, that I'm sure a lot of you have heard of already, built on top of Jungian Cognitive functions It basically splits people based on 4 dichotomies into 16 different personality types.
    Extroverted versus Introverted: Is a person energized by interacting with the outside world (people or the environment) or internally (within their own head)
    Sensing versus Intuition Does the person understand the world with information directly from their 5 senses, or from their own intuition? Also, intuitives like theories, while sensors prefer clear facts.
    Thinking versus Feeling Does the person make decisions based on thinking about them or by how they feel about them?
    Judging versus Perceiving Does the person interact with the outside world via their perception (sensing/ intution) or by their (judgement/ perceiving).

    It is incredible that while this isn't a scientific method, it does a really good job of sorting people, and it can be very helpful for understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, and those of the colleagues you have to work with that are really annoying and you can't figure out why they operate the way they do!!! I personally have found it VERY helpful for understanding who I am, and who others are, and why I can relate well to some people, but not others, and why I am great at some things, but just struggle so much with other things.

    To work out your type, you can do this quiz
    If you want a second opinion, there is this one (Which I think is quite a nice one)
    And I found this one interesting too, but it seems to be a bit too "sensitive", not very well differentiating the strength of strengths and weaknesses, and as an engineering student told me, it just isn't suitable for engineers who need to have a good variety of skills, beyond what their natural ones are! This test focuses on using congitive functions to identify your type, rather than trying to work out each of the 4 letters indvidually. Which is a more accurate method, but like I said the test itself has some serious limitations.

    So I'm curious, what are the types of you guys?

    Sometimes these tests can get it wrong though, as there are exceptions to the stereotypes. Two more reliable ways are to either go to a MBTI counsellor, qualified to identify your type, or to learn and understand the cognitive functions underlying the types so that you can figure out your type based on your congitive functions.

    And there are limitiations. Not all personality traits are recognised by MBTI. One interesting one my thesis supervisor explained to me was that some people who are good at math like rearranging equations, and are amazing at it, whereas others are very good at figuring out the underlying ideas, and that there is very little over lap between those 2 strengths. Most people who like math are very biased towards one or the other. Also some people can be very near the middle of one of the axises (for example, introversion/ extroversion is a common one for that).

    Also, people self administering the test can be very biased, instead answering questions based on who they think they should be, rather than who they actually are. It is important to be completely honest. There is NO best type. All 16 types have strengths and weaknesses, all can function well in the world, and all are here to make different contributions to the world. Trying to be somebody you aren't can often be at the cost of your own happiness, so just answer the questions honestly :-) (Which is a major trap I fell into, for a long time I pretended to be who I wasn't, and it was just frustrating, unrewarding, and always highlighted my weaknesses and made my strengths meaningless)

    Once you know your type, there is huge amounts of information online about that type.
    Are 2 of the many interesting websites on it.

    And BTW I myself am an ENTP. Smart, but kinda what most people would perceieve as very crazy and all over the place! :)

    Note: The poll answers are in a meaningful order. The 16 types make 4 temperaments; NT, NF, SP, and SJ (basically, whichever you have in your type is the one you are). I listed them with the SP's first, then the SJ's, then the NF's, then the NT's.
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  2. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    This is like psychology 101 and I never thought it was that accurate

  3. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Yeah, it's definitely got its limitations. Did you look at just using the MBTI dichotomy method, or at the underlying cognitive function theory? I'm more of a fan of the underlying cognitive function theory personally.

  4. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    First one:

    Second one:

    Third one:

  5. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    I apologise! I put the wrong link for the second one. It should actually be

  6. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    ISFJ: Introvert (56%), Sensing (50%), Feeling (12%), Judging (22%)

    Exactly what I do when I'm not in the mood to do something again.

  7. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Introvert(11%) Sensing(38%) Feeling(25%) Perceiving(33)%

  8. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types


  9. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Introvert(22%) iNtuitive(25%) Feeling(12%) Judging(1%)
    • You have slight preference of Introversion over Extraversion (22%)
    • You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (25%)
    • You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (12%)
    • You have marginal or no preference of Judging over Perceiving (1%)
    Does that sound like me guys?

  10. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Yep. I'll update with the 2nd one in a bit. Nvm, too lazy.

  11. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Yeah, I'd be extremely cautious of that, given that all those preferences are just so low. Pretty useless result. The only thing I'd trust (even though I don't really know you) is that you are probably an intuitive rather than a sensor?

    Have you ever looked at trying to figure out what your underlying cognitive functions are?

  12. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Nope, I'm pretty much against psychology. I find it a waste of time and most of it is common sense. All it does is generally add arrogance about you thinking that you understand "people" better than people. That's my personal opinion though

  13. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    I think it is a great tool for understanding people, but you have to be careful when to apply it, and when to use your own judgement. And you have to understand the strengths and limitations of it. That's like a lot of things though. And I think it is extremely interesting, people are fascinating things!

    And like you, that's just my opinion.

  14. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    100% Introversion, wow @HellenzSin.

    There's only one thing I dislike about this test and that's its popularity. Not to be a hipster or anything, but HR departments are known to rely on tests like these much more than is warranted. Sure it's got limitations and controversy, but which part in psychology doesn't? The thing is that while taking it for fun and experimentation doesn't hurt, it's not justified enough on an application level.

  15. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    Ah yes, I agree with that completely. I think it is great for people to understand themselves, and to understand those they work with and live with, but using it to decide whether or not to hire people is COMPLETELY wrong and leads to all this mindless stupid stereotyping.

    Is it actually legal for them to do though?

  16. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    i took this about a year ago for a course.

    i'm ISFJ, and this page describes quite a few things about myself, especially "they intensely dislike conflict, and because they tend to place other people's needs over their own" and "want to believe the best of people"

    of course it's not completely accurate by any means, especially if it is being answered trying to push yourself in a positive light. to me it's something to look at and figure the result out for fun
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  17. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    INTP is basically what I get all of the time even when I got tested for it at my college. My 'I' score is always the highest out of the four areas tested which is intriguing as I am more variable in the other areas while I have never shifted outside of being an introvert even once, though I concede that introversion itself is a more stable trait than the others.


    INTJ is the only other type that appears and this would be the second time I've been listed as such. This one's from the second test.

  18. Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    INFJ. While this obviously has its limits like anything else that tries to classify personalities, i still feel that it fits me quite nicely to a degree.

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    Default Re: Southperry personality (MBTI) types

    I've taken this before.

    I am INTJ and for the most part agree with those characteristics.



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