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  1. Default Female Hayato maybe?

    Okay, not maybe. Parallelism at work, folks.

    From the MapleStory tumblr.

    Discuss? Wait for other designs? Hope they change?

  2. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    If that is Female Hayato than it is far more better and decent than Male Kanna.

  3. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?


  4. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    But also this. Hopefully the second look option is more close to Kenshin.

  5. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    I told you all that femHayato will be loads hotter.

  6. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    There is also this one:

    I think they look a lot better than the male attempts at Kanna. I grabbed this one from the current data, the hair name is actually Hayato Ponytail. If this is actually male though forgive me.

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    Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    Already expected double standards all over the place.

    Still, it does look good. I prefer that look to the default male Hayato's one though. The default one has the ugliest face i've ever seen in maplestory, and massive hair which is far too anime inspired.

    I think I might go against canon and make a Female Hayato.

  8. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    That hairstyle looks male... I hope it's not Nexon getting their honorifics wrong.

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    Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    If it's female Hayato yes I like it.

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    Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    I think Nexon just wants to give her the role of a tomboy.
    C'mon it's not that hard to make her look like Kaoru right??

  11. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    Not bad. Looks better than male Kanna at the least but I think she needs to look a little more fierce to actually complement her male counterpart.

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    Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    Looks female to me. Besides, I'm pretty sure short hair isn't male-exclusive.

    I suppose I'll be going with Female Hayato then... because that hair is adorable.
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  13. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    It's not bad but I still like male Hayato better. If finding female gear in the Free Market wasn't so tedious, maybe I would have made it female.

  14. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    It would only make sense if FemHayato is Tomboyish as hell.
    Because, you know. Back then there weren't many FemSamurais. But this is maplestory, soooo...

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    Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    I find it ugly, both eyes and hair. Ugh... I'll save my judgement until I see other option for hair/face though.

  16. Default Re: Female Hayato maybe?

    ITP Attempted designs part 2:

    That's the female Battle Mage hair and female Aran face, plus all the usual default armours. I like the current look only with a transparent hat and like I say she still doesn't look fierce enough to be like a Hayato, so there we go.

    And I still wish we'd get Kanna and Hayato.



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