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  1. Default Bonus Potential x% attack?

    Hi! I have this bonus potential on my Katara currently:

    Just wondering if anyone knows if it affects my total weapon attack, or just the attack on the Katara? I didn't take before and after screenshots of my damage range to find out sadly, so hopefully someone else knows. I have a couple leftover cubes and am considering cubing over it, but if it affects my total attack I won't bother.

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    Default Re: Bonus Potential x% attack?

    Pretty sure it's overall Attack from everything, skills, equips, potentials.

  3. Default Re: Bonus Potential x% attack?

    I'm given to agree with this. It'd be silly for example if my card's %ATT only affected itself since it has no attack at all.

  4. Default Re: Bonus Potential x% attack?

    Ah, I totally forgot about that. I'll just leave this as it is and find something else to throw my last couple cubes on then, thanks guys!



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