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    I'm not sure where this thread would go... but I thought this would be some interesting information for those who can't speak Japanese and are curious as to what they say. Anything I don't have listed are skills I haven't gotten to on my Kanna, since I never went through 4th job (I stopped at 100). Those with skill names as the script will have the skill name stay the same in the translation, but a close English translation of the skill name will be in parentheses.

    Please tell me if the male version of Kanna and the female version of Hayato have different voice scripts, because these are all coming from my characters in JMS.

    Kanna's Skills
    Skill Name Voice Japanese Translation
    Nine-Tailed Fury Youko Hakugen! Kai! 妖狐白幻! 改! Youko Hakugen*! Change!
    Clay Yaksha Chikou Yore 近う寄れ Chikou Yore (Bring it closer)
    Rock Yaksha Naho Chikou Yore なほ近う寄れ Naho Chikou Yore
    Haku Reborn Haku! Maire! ハク!参れ! Haku! Come!
    Burning Shikigami Haunting Hai to nare! 灰となれ Turn to ash!
    Shikigami Charm Hazero! 爆ぜろ Explode!
    Frozen Shikigami Haunting Itetsuki! 凍て付き Freeze!
    Spirit Corral Soko e naore! そこへ直れ Soko e Naore (Fix to there)
    Kishin Shoukan Ideyo! 出よ! Come forth!
    Blossom Barrier Chikara yo michiyo 力よ満ちよ Full power!
    Falling Sakura Ouka ryouran! 桜花繚乱! Chery Blossom Profusion!
    Binding Tempest Taima Ryuuseifu! 退魔流星符 Taima Ryuuseifu! (Expelling Demon Falling Star)

    *Youko Hakugen is Haku's full name.

    Hayato's Skills
    Skill Name Voice Japanese Translation
    Summer Rain Katsumoku shiro! Shippuu Samidarejin! 刮目しろ!疾風五月雨刃! Pay close attention to this! Shippuu Samidarejin!
    Sanrenzan Shi *grunts* Shi*
    Surging Blade *grunts* Renjinzan! 連刃斬 Renjinzan! (Connected Blade Kill)
    Battoujutsu Stance shingitai! 心技体 Shingitai! (Heart, Technique, Physique)
    Jin Sanrenzan Puu *grunts* Puu*
    Shouryuusen Shouryuusen! 昇流旋 Shouryuusen (Upward Rotation)
    Fuu Sanrenzan Jin *grunts* Jin*
    Whirlwind Cut Senpuuzan! 旋風斬! Senpuuzan (Whirlwind Kill)
    Rai Sanrenzan Rai *grunts* Rai*
    Falcon Dive Yousousen! 鷹爪閃! Yousousen (Hawk's Talon Flash)
    Hitokiri Strike Kega! 怪我! You'll get hurt!

    *I did not translate those marked with a star. Why? They hold a special connection to each other. When put together, they spell out Shippuu Jinrai (疾風迅雷 - Gale Thunderclap) : the move used by Hayato in the promotional video.
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    Thank you for posting this, I had no idea what kanna was saying. For all I knew she could have been reciting food items.

    edit; i also did not know haku's full name was hakugen
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    Default Re: Hayato and Kanna Voice Meanings

    Wow, awesome dude. Thanks!

    I've been wondering about these for a while.
    About 9-tailed fury, I'm pretty sure she says something else after Haku's name, like Youko Hakugen Kai or something. Or maybe it's some sort of honorific I don't know *shrugs*

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    Yeah. I have no idea what "Kai" means, though. lol I think it just might be a weird grunt.

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    Koma Koma Sakura: "ouka (桜花 probably?)..." something. lol

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    Default Re: Hayato and Kanna Voice Meanings

    Surprised at the dearth of native Japanese speakers in SP.

    Still blazing my way through JLPTs...

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    I'm not actually a native speaker. lol I'm an American learning the Japanese language.

    Anywho, I added one I seem to have forgotten when making this list : Battoujutsu. I'm not sure how I forgot that one... I use it so much, too.

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    Default Re: Hayato and Kanna Voice Meanings

    Isn't it "Release" or something of the kind?
    (this is entirely based on anime and could be horribly wrong)

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    Default Re: Hayato and Kanna Voice Meanings

    Thats kinda what I think too, it sounds too much like a word to be just a weird grunt. Kanna doesn't grunt during any of her skills actually, as opposed to Hayato who is a one-man orgy.
    Maybe it's "Go!" or "Release!" like you said

  10. Default Re: Hayato and Kanna Voice Meanings

    I'm thinking there's a segment of the word that we're not hearing, like Hakai (destroy) or something like that. There are two words for "release" that include "kai," which are "kaijo" and "Kaihou," but I'm not hearing anything that sounds like that second syllable for either word.

    Edit : I found out what it is!

    Edit #2 : Okay... I THINK that's all of them now. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm still unsure about Issen's sound byte, but that's what I hear and I did a Google search for it and many Japanese players also say the same thing, so...

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    At the time of writing, GMS's female Hayato mistakenly says "fuu" for Jin Sanrenzan and "jin" for Fuu Sanrenzan. Everything else appears to match perfectly.

    EDIT: Disregard, the skills are actually in the wrong order in GMS. I wonder if they'll ever bother fixing that.

    Other than the misnamed skills, female Hayato has the exact same voice script.

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    Sounds like proper voice overs to me, due to the JMS names. Blame Nexon America for screwing up the names. :(

    Also... Did anyone else notice that the female Hayato's voice is NOT in a Japanese accent? When @LadyJenJen was playing her female Hayato last night, I could hear the voice acting clear as day through Skype and it was most definitely not a Japanese accent. It sounds very Chinese to me, which would make sense, considering Waltzing told me upfront that the people dealing with the Hayato and Kanna translations translated the data from Korean using Chinese readings of the Hanja/Hanzi/Kanji instead of Japanese.

    Anywho... Let me update these skill names for the GMS ones.



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