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    Hey Sp, I applied for a job so I have some money for RP cards, Apple juice, and just money in general, and I need some tips you guise used for your interviews. What things should you say that will leave a good impression?

    Yes apple juice was one of the first things I thought about when I was applying

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    Assuming this is a minimum wage job, all you really need to do is to not come off as a complete idiot.

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    Pretty much this. Otherwise, confidence in your abilities pretty much gets you anywhere these days. Firm handshake, ask questions at the end when they ask if you have questions (good examples are generally: What is the work environment like? How are the people in the place? Can you describe what a typical day for me would be like? etc.). Also don't be a plantain. If you're a plantain to a potential employer, don't no one wanna hire you.

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    Easy ways to get ahead of the pack:
    1. Dress nicely
    2. Show up early
    3. Bring a legal pad and all required paperwork
    4. Nod a lot to show you're paying attention

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    Handshake, nodding, Questions, be an idiot, blue dress shirt, dress pants(ish). Got it

    Rp and apple juice here I come

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    I imagine you running out the door with your first paycheck, holding it up as high as you possibly can and shouting as loud as possible: "Appleee Juiiiiceeee."

    Good luck, broski!

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    Depending on the job that might not even be necessary.

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    Don't ever bring up salary unless it's asked, else you'll seem like all you care about is being paid and people are looking for those who are actually interested in the job.
    Come early but not too early, else you'll seem desperate.
    When you're finished, e-mail them with a thank you.
    Make eye-contact, don't fidget too much.

    I've never been in an actual interview, but professional development courses really puts emphasis on what you should and should not do at an interview.

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    I think I aced it
    I forgot to comb my hair, (head phone hair op)but other than that I looked good. Even if I noticed I probably wouldn't of combed it, combing a mini afro is still pretty annoying. ; - ;

    I only say this because it's a clothing store and they want you to look good, and I looked amazing guy

    innb4 swift rejection letter ; -;



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