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  1. Default MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Has anyone tried a full reinstall of the game to fix the Kanna DCs? The reason I ask is because my friends can play just fine without DCs, while I am subjected to dcing every 5-10 minutes or so.

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    Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    idk but I'm dcing and getting GM dced without even playing Kanna so...

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    Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    It might be because you're playing a male Kanna? From what I've heard they're kind of buggy.

  4. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    I've dced 3-4 times in 8-12hours. None of my friends dc.

  5. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    While playing Kanna on my desktop I disconnected every 10 minutes or so, sometimes disconnecting immediately upon logging in, and every time with an application error:


    I switched to playing Kanna on my laptop and using my Bishop as a HS mule on the desktop, and while partied with the Kanna I still disconnected just as often with the same error. Hiding my Bishop in the Cash Shop and only coming out to HS seemed safe, but I still did occasionally disconnect in the ~10 seconds I was out of the CS.

    Since I finished Kanna (and finished being in a party with Kanna) I've not disconnected at all, I afk'd in a LHC map with my friend who was training his Kanna and didn't disconnect, did an empress run and a few party quests and didn't get the error at all. I didn't reinstall or reboot.

    edit: spoke too soon I guess, just got this error trying to enter Magnus (normal):

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  6. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    I'm on a female Kanna and after the USC, I'm fine.

    The only dc's I've been getting are pretty occasional and not that bothersome.

  7. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    I'm on a male Kanna and I never disconnected so far.

  8. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Well, I might have to go test a few scenarios before I start livestreaming again.

  9. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Female Kanna, no disconnects at all thus far.

  10. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Male or female doesn't matter, someone said that if your haku buff makes you reflect 2 times you DC, which I don't know if its true. I thought it had to do with me attacking too many mobs at once. Also concerning haku's buff, for whatever reason it's also killing me at root abyss whenever I try to attack, so I end up turning off haku instead.

  11. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    In JMS, the disconnect issues never happened until about 3 days in, which was weird as hell, because as soon as they started happening, they started happening extremely frequently.

    We determined that it was a Chimyaku Teni error (the teleport skill) and after everyone stopped using it, for the most part, no one disconnected ever again (unless they used Chimyaku Teni, of course). The only exceptions were issues @Polantaris had with disconnecting at bosses randomly.

  12. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    I only started dcing and not frequently at all after using the more spawn skill.

  13. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    If anyone who started experiencing disconnects after Kanna solves their issue through a full client reinstall...that would be something we would be interested in knowing.

    We are working hard to find out what is causing these issues for some people.

  14. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Her teleport wasn't the only issue from my experience. Seemed like any of her skills had a chance of causing it.

    I could play my Hayato just fine but Kanna would disconnect even without EVER using teleport even a single time after logging in. It would just randomly happen during fights. I could AFK with my Kanna with no problems.

  15. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    You were the odd exception in that case, and the only person in my memory to have issues like that. Most other people didn't run into issues unless they were using Chimyaki Teni. Even people who play nowadays only have those issues if they're using Chimyaki Teni. When I tell them that is the issue, they stop disconnecting with hacking errors.

    Even Polantaris has said that they disconnect at bosses because they use Chimyaki Teni. I'm not sure if there are other causes, though. I hardly pay attention. xd

    Supposing that's not the issue at all, though. It could be an issue with the client not being able to handle Kanna's attacks at a certain speed (example : using attacks too quickly after teleport is used, etc.). I don't know if that could carry over to GMS, though. I would suggest being very careful when playing Kanna on both JMS and GMS, if that is the case.

    In GMS' case, though, I doubt this issue is very prevalent, but it's an issue to watch out for. When I was playing my Kanna on GMS, I was playing just fine until I was doing some quests and was disconnected. I didn't disconnect with a hacking error or anything like that. The client just completely closed, with no error whatsoever, and then I couldn't log in anymore, because the game would hang after I selected the character. It was the same case with Zelkova and LadyJenJen during the livestream yesterday.

  16. Default MS DCing after Kanna patch

    I've d/ced only twice on kanna. Both times hours between each other. I don't think kanna is that trip happy, but it probably has something to do with the multiple inputs of shikigami haunting.

  17. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Ever since the maint I stopped getting kicked. However after I started using the mob increase skill MapleStory would just close itself every 30 minutes with no warning. (This was at Jesters)

    Every time it crashed I was mid-casting Tengu Strike.

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    Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Only started dc'ing just now on Kanna, at pepe claw machines in Kerning Square. Game doesn't close, it freezes, but looking at another computer I see the character is disconnected.
    I am not teleporting. It might be an issue of too many enemies.

  19. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    Do you think Nexon can bring back direct downloads? Many people are not fond of Pando.

    Direct as in

  20. Default Re: MS DCing after Kanna patch

    I was d/cing or get kicked to the log in screen about every hour or so yesterday. I reinstalled the game this morning. I still d/c, and now more often, about every 30-40ish minutes, and more of the time the game just crashes (instead of booting me to the log in screen). I am not uses ether pulse. It make be a problem with kishin and summoning too many mobs, it lag occasionally when i summon/attack too many mobs.



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