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  1. Default Trickster Online (NA)

    In another topic ("Maplestory's Longevity"), I mentioned the game Trickster Online and how it would soon be closing its doors permanently. As of today, the game has officially shutdown. For those completely unfamiliar with this game, it was a click-to-attack type of isometric 2D MMO that featured anthropomorphic/animal-like human characters as playable classes, all of which were gender locked (You can't be a male bunny). Some people were quick to correct me on my impression of the game. And i'll admit, its been a long time since my days of running around Blooming Cora, so my opinions of the management and of the game itself are more than likely archaic.

    So, I'd like to ask those more familiar with the game than I what exactly has been going on for these past couple of years or so. I've heard rumblings of poor business decisions, terrible customer support, and an even greater focus on "Item shop" or cash shop related content than even Nexon would dare to attempt. All of those accusations are only assumptions at best on my part, however.

    What happened to Trickster?

    Click here to see a gameplay video of Trickster Online.

  2. Default Re: Trickster Online (NA)

    oh man i remember that game

    RIP trickster online, you were kinda fun.

  3. Default Re: Trickster Online (NA)

    why do i feel this is how people will remember maplestory

  4. Default Re: Trickster Online (NA)

    nah, it'll get remembered as

    RIP Maplestory, you were kinda' expensive.

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    Aw man, this game. I enjoyed it so much I just wish it wasn't a point and click. I haven't played it in years.
    For me this is one of those games that you never play but wish they don't close down.

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    The thing I'm most interested in is the refund so that players can play other games from the same publisher. The graphics look pretty and colourful so it's sad to see yet another game like this shutting down.

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    I've been on the game in Beta, and to be honest I went on their for the final goodbye last night </3.

    There was a moment in time where this event called "Fast Track" was placed into the game. Twice, actually.
    As long as 1 character on your account was Level 30 (Technically two, as you could do it on both the Jewelia and Fantasia servers) you would automatically be boosted to third job.

    Not saying that it was the /leading/ cause of death, but I'm sure it was part of it qwq.

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    That sounds like a bad decision to make. Levelling up is a big mechanic of MMORPGs as compared to RPGs where you play alone so you should not make it too slow or too fast.

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    Default Re: Trickster Online (NA)

    I did the same thing, i went and downloaded the game just to say bye. I had only played it the first week or 2 of launch but for some reason its really sad to see it go.

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    I tried to do what most in his tread did and downloaded the game around a day or two before shutdown to say goodbye. The game was terribly empty and the players/GMs very close even in its dying moments.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there when it actually shutdown since the login server refused to let me in. :/

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    I've played this game about as long as I have maple in a sense. It shed a tear to see the game I once loved gone forever. But the memories I had will never leave. It was a great game and it died as a good memory.

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    i cant remember the first time i actually played, but i slowly kept watch over the years to see if they made a good game changing update like big bang to it.

    Maybe it was just me but i felt like doing anything in trickster was a chore. Same with LaTale and that seems to be on the way out too.

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    I already answered what happened to Trickster in the longevity thread's first page iirc.

    Some of the worst developers you'll ever see that refused to go anywhere near fixing what actually needed to be fixed with core systems/mechanics and almost only put out cash shop content. Game had a pretty booming population in its first year but the lack of legitimate updates dwindled those numbers down. It almost survived solely off the old players this whole time which was shocking, but that can't sustain any game and it shut down. As you know Korea/Japan is all about kawaii crap so even though the game is just as bad in foreign versions (Because it's developed poorly - it wasn't a publisher mistake) the Koreans/Japanese are more alright with it just being a cute 2D not-as-fun version of TF2 (People just collect the latest fashion that's released).

    Immensely charming game with nice art and music. It offered nothing more than that. I played it since it was about 6months old till now.

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    Hmm...Trickster had quite a few issues with it.

    1. No content updates. Seriously, these guys pumped out 1 or 2 patches a year. Rest were crappy events that weren't even worthwhile to do.
    2. Gameguard compatibility. This was probably the biggest chokehold on the game. A very large portion of the population (The ones who actually bought cash items)weren't able to even run the game because gameguard would make their entire computer crash or client crash immediately upon launching.
    3. General loss of interest. There was nothing to do. They "revamped" some of the best areas in the game for levelling and farming, and made them complete trash. So grinding was much more tedious, and there was no high level content other than a few incredibly overpowered bosses that required cash shop equips to kill in the first place.

    I hadn't played much in the last 2 years, so that's all that I can really say. Just a few things I came across on a few boards.

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    Kind of was, considering they brought it back twice in a row almost. I thought it was fun to try out new classes, but at the same time it just..sapped the fun out of the game, too.

    ^^^ Also this.
    I loved playing Trickster, but it was definitely a game to get bored of because of the major content updates being released so very little like.
    Grinding took forever, which is why it took me forever to get my character to third job.

    ..Also there*.
    That was a terrible grammatical error on my part, sorry-- ;A;.

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    Default Re: Trickster Online (NA)

    When I played Trickster a few years back, cash shop equips were somewhat mediocre. They were better than the average stuff you could really easily obtain in-game, but boss sets (with set effects) were SIGNIFICANTLY better than anything else. The problem, to me, was getting them... The drop rate of getting the boss set items from a boss was probably the equivalent to, say, finding a Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe from Zakum. I'd spend all day, every day, bossing for weeks at a time and never got a damn thing. (Most bosses were repeatable every 30~45 minutes.)

    I never really saw the game as super cash heavy, unless you were into collecting sets. Actually, I loved Trickster's cash shop system compared to Nexon's :\ They released a new box set or gacha set every other week it seemed, only available for a few weeks, and you paid up to $5 per box for a random cash item... But you were at least guaranteed to get an item from the set... the only problem was you may've ended up with 10 hats before you got every piece of the set.

    But content was slow, indeed. I think I played it for two whole years and I can only thing of one or two significant "new content" updates during that time... and they were basically just revamps of old areas.

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    Trickster was one of those games that I played for about a week one time and just slowly watched it over the past 5 or 6 years? I never got far, I did lots of research, and I always re-downloaded at least once every season to see if anything changed. I just could never get into it, point and click wasn't for me. I foresee La Tale coming to this kind of an end soon too.

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    I couldn't agree with you more. Pretty much my exact thoughts regarding this.

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    La Tale has been in this stagnation period for quite a while already, except only in NA apparently. The other versions are still updating but La Tale NA is VERY behind. OGPlanet's localization team has always been crap for it though. La Tale is FULL of grammatical errors/Google translates. You can tell after a certain update that they lost their team, or at least the better members of their team because after a certain point the localization just took a massive dump on itself. Players have been hoping to get the game's ''latest'' (NA is so behind it's missing a major revamp as well as many other content updates. It apparently still needs two content updates BEFORE the revamp comes) revamp for over a year already I think with no word from OGP at all except, ''When it's coming we'll tell you''. I think it's been something more like two years but I don't keep track of that anymore.

  20. Default Re: Trickster Online (NA)

    Legit? Then again, I can't expect anything spectacular from OGP anyway. From their rude GMs to extremely lagging updates they aren't the best company to handle games.

    In a way, I'm kind of relieved PangYa went to Ntreev/SGI after OGPlanet could no longer handle it.

    LaTale is so beautiful, too..



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