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    Default What most schools don't teach

    "Be nice to nerds. Chances are, you'll end up working for one."

    -Bill Gates

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    I approve of this video.

    It's very true.

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    Seems interesting to say the least.
    My language/social studies/philosophy teacher friends with the best jobs, not just payment, are in that place because they studied engineering too.
    Education theorists know that computer sciences' technology can have a great impact on academia and are desperately trying to implement them in every possible- beneficial way to academia, investigation and so on.
    In little more than two years university has invited me and a friend to about 10 academic forums about implementing technology in classrooms, in curriculum making, in research, etc, etc. There seems to be a great one tomorrow and Friday, but it's just too damn pricey and time consuming (considering I have classes).
    Education, as a science, already takes knowledge from other sciences to produce more knowledge; it will be interesting to see how we add computer sciences to that list and start producing knowledge and technology that will improve education (practical, like in classrooms) and life.

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    I completely agree with the part of the video that says where computer programming gets you to think.

    It's true, in my opinion. Even if you have no intention of ever taking a programming job, learning some sort of programming opens up your mind to thinking, because of the inherit problem solving that's required in it. Even the simplest problems require some thinking when you first learn programming, and it really works your brain.

    This, in the end, helps you on whatever job you take, because you're more open minded and have more experience thinking things out before acting.

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    this was very inspiring. thank you.

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    Programming is important because it teaches you something: AUTOMATION.

    If you can show your employers that you can automate your tasks and make your whole department 2-3x more profitable for them (hell, even 10% more profitable), you just made yourself an indispensable employee. Software can do that.

    I use programming to make myself far faster at work. I'm at least twice as productive simply because I know how to write code.

    Also, programming can apply to almost anything and everything you do in the business world because there are a lot of things that need automation.

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    Default Re: What most schools don't teach

    that reminds me of another apropos Gates quote:
    I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

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    Definitely. Even if I don't go into Computer Science as a field, but coding classes are indispensable. It's not just, "oh, stick a for loop in there and press run," it really makes you think. The methodology behind coding isn't the language you use, it's the thoughts you use.

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    These damn computers stealing our jobs!

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    I'm going to college for this sort of stuff already, so this definitely makes my outlook on things a whole lot brighter. Love it.

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    @Words: If computer programming becomes increasingly influential, then companies will come to incorporate business models around programs in order to increase efficiency and cut costs. An excellent example of this that ties your speculation with @Fiel's comment about automation is the automotive industry and how manufacturing is largely, if not basically completely robotic when it comes to manual labor. Consequently such actions will socially drive people to pursue academic endeavors (a trend already in progress) so that they find themselves as being the ones who "own" the means of production and not the ones who find themselves at risk of being replaced by a machine. One would naturally assume that pursuing more selective and prolonged degrees has correlation to insulation from automation, however innovations such as the Pyxis have put pharmacists out of desirable jobs in hospitals (a PharmD is a pharmacist degree, is considered an advanced degree, and requires extra years of schooling). I find it ironic that an increased integration of technology facilitates and drives people to pursue knowledge (perhaps advanced degrees (knowledge and school education are insinuated to be related, but I believe are mutually exclusive concepts)) as it makes all standards of what constituted useable and effective knowledge obsolete. My thoughts on the video when I get back.

    KhainiWest pls contribute. I love your comments and I see you looking @ this thread.

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    Default Re: What most schools don't teach

    Higher is better. -Bill Gates

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    The first time I ever looked at coding was when I was like 12 and wanted to customize my profile on Neopets lmao.

    I actually liked coding but I forget most of it now. Only knew mostly HTML and a little bit of CSS(? I think that's what it's called). I guess if all else fails this is something I could look into.

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    Default Re: What most schools don't teach

    I had been on the fence about diving into python cause i wanted to make simple rpgs one day. This just teetered me over that edge.

    I also have a friend who recently gave up so imma throw this at them and see if it has an effect.

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    As automation and large-scale data interpretation becomes more prominent in biology and other sciences, the ability to program is becoming more and more valuable. For example, DNA microarrays can sample the expression levels of many genes at the same time. Looking at all that data by hand would be very frustrating. Considering these things, it might be a good idea for me to learn some programming. :/

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    I wish they would have put more gabe in that video



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