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    I'm from Singapore and my ISP provides a dynamic IP address.

    I've also looked up a bit about Singapore's ISP:

    Anyway, here's the issue. For several years now I've been experiencing:

    -Voting sites telling me that I have already voted for the day when I haven't
    -Various download sites telling me my download limit has been exceeded when I've never visited.
    - Wikipedia telling me that I have vandalized several articles multiple times on Grayman or soccer or something else when I've never visited the articles

    Recently I've experienced:
    -IP address-reliant account registration forms telling me I already have 3 accounts when I've never visited the site

    I don't know if it's because of the Dynamic IP, but it seems logical that getting a recycled IP address would cause me to get blocked for things other people have done.

    Also, I don't know if it's relevant, but my iPhone was not able to register for the IP address-reliant account registration when connected to my WiFi. However, it was immediately able to register when I disconnected and resorted to the 3G network (with the same email address and username, too!).

    Does anyone know the causes of the above problems? Has anyone experienced them before?

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    Singapore ISPs use a round robin global transparent proxy. All people connecting outside of Singapore show one of those proxy addresses as their primary IP, and unless a site specifically asks for the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header they treat your entire country as the proxies.

    Here's an example of a singaporean registered on Southperry;

    IP Address:
    Proxy For:,
    Continent: AS
    Country: SGP (Singapore) is what 95% of the world will see that user as, even though the header clearly states is just the SGP Global proxy and the true IP address is Singapore has several hundred of those global proxy addresses, but every last one of you is using one to connect outside, so thats hundreds of thousands of people all appearing as a couple hundred proxy addresses.



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