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    Default GMS Hayato Anime

    Eng subs, no voice over.

  2. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    Edit : Never mind. I don't know why I ever bother. I'll always be wrong in your guys' eyes.

    I guess I should go delete that guide I posted, because that's probably wrong, too.

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    Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    Well, I wonder how it would have sounded if it was dubbed.

  4. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime


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    Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    what the hell happened above?

  6. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    >justin posts something about nexon mistranslating
    >everyone trolls him with a pomegranate.

  7. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    >justin posts something about nexon minorly mistranslating something extremely trivial
    >everyone trolls him with a pomegranate.


  8. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    If it's an error in translating, then I would rather know the whole correct thing even if it's a minor error. You guys need to chill your tits.
    Thanks to the people that f'ucking ruined it for everyone else.
    Last edited by Derosis; 2013-02-27 at 09:21 AM. Reason: F'uck you.

  9. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    In his defense, especially for this circumstance, they were directly subtitling, and they still messed it up. It's one thing when it's debatable like the whole Kanna's Title deal, but when you directly subtitle something, you should at least directly subtitle it correctly.

    But considering how quickly people have been pomegranateting bricks over this entire topic recently, I'm not surprised at all at the reaction from either side.

  10. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    I gave that post a pomegranate because he said "I knew you guys (nexon) would get it wrong >_>"

    I don't care how it gets translated, they could have named it pancaken flippen for all I care, but the way he went about it (again) annoyed me.

    A simple "x should have been translated as y" would have been sufficient.

  11. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    Well, he DID follow-through and delete the Hayato guide.
    Jokes on him, though. I copied the whole thing on Notepad.

  12. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    It wasn't even a translation error. It was a transliteration error. I didn't bother to talk about the translations, because I knew that would get me some heat.

    Transliterations are an entirely different subject. What the fuck is a "Shippuu Shinrai?" Trust in Gales (疾風信頼)? It doesn't have the same meaning as Shippuu Jinrai (疾風迅雷) at all.

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    Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    How unfortunate, I hope he reposts it up. I enjoyed the guide and all the corrections he made....*sigh*

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    Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    I never get involved in these threads but holy pomegranate Justin move to Japan already.

    And I mean that with 100% support. You're not going to advance yourself or find validation from correcting small MMO mistranslations and mistransliterations.

  15. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    The subs will always get in conflict with someone with knowledge, better know both parts and be happy about it because you can't change the nexon's subs that everyone will see in game.

  16. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    Me too. It's also still on japanms.wordpress.whateverthelinkis.idontknow

    I found it relatively amusing how frustrated team JMS are getting over translation errors, but really, deleting a guide you spent a long time writing just to prove a point? Chill out. :|

  17. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    Small wonder I tried to look for the mistake and didn't catch it since I don't know Japanese and my hearing's pretty bad to boot. That being said I can see why you'd be more concerned about this as would other people who know Japanese.

  18. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    "Posted by maplefreak96"

    I guess the video is in the GMS data, because Nexon didn't put this up on their official channel.

  19. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    It's just in your maplestory folder with all the other vids. It's called JPHayato.avi

  20. Default Re: GMS Hayato Anime

    And, you know, the tons of other places that come up with Hayato guides for anyone with the brainpower to use google. If he wants to cry and take his ball home, whatever, it's his problem and won't inconvenience anyone on southperry in the slightest.



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