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    This is my first post on your lovely forum, and I'm proud to become a part of it. :3

    So, as long as maple is down for god knows how long, I wanted to ask a question. As the title says.

    Shadowers have appealed to me for all 5 years of my maple career, yet I've never made one. I love their skill set, but I hate how low their %Crit is.
    I've just made a Dual Blader, but it's so easy to ruin your skill build. DB books and good Kataras are expensive, and every other char in maple is a Dual Blader.

    Both do bossing quite easily, but I'm still torn on which char to put my funding into.

    Thanks for your time :)

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    Default Re: Dual Blader VS Shadower

    After unlimited, both will be side by side on damage. Shad will have a little better 1v1 and DB will have pretty considerably better mobbing.
    DB will no longer have godmode, but both have damage reduction. Shads have 45% >dodge< and MG, so they now have much better survivability.
    DB is more mobile and can avoid attacks easier.

    I personally love both and try my hardest to keep trade-able equips so I can play them both.
    Choose whichever is more appealing to you, because they're both about even in everything else.

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    There's a reason why there are more DBs around than Shads.

    Also, I'm sure there's more to a class than just crit rate. I dare say there are more reasons as to why you never made a Shad--whether they're on a subconscious level or if you're trying to overlook them on purpose.

    I doubt any amount of responses on this topic from will affect your decision because at the end of the day, you won't have your own opinion of the class just from our recounts of our own expriences. And essentially, it's your own opinion that matters.

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    Although my knowledge on both clases is very limited after post big bang, my suggestion would go with the shadower class. Judging by the fact katara's and such are more expensive, DB is still competitive for gear, shadowers maybe easier and the cheaper alternative. Although you get what you pay for.

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    I personally like DB because of the mobbing skill and the 1vs1 atk skill. Shad mobbing and 1vs1 bossing skill is poop ( no offence). I ditched shad for DB when it came out. Stuck to it since and loving it everyday. I even made another Db just for ze lulz because I love it SO MUCH!

    But I say make both class and see what you like then decide from there.

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    I hope you're not serious.

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    Freud disregarded the term in his early works. It comes from the germanic ubnewusst, which is closer to unconscious. Thus all psychologists have agreed on this, even Jung who distanced himself from Freud, called the collective unconscious name.

    Subconscious is folk talk. `-`

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    Perhaps you should petition to rewrite the English dictionary.



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