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  1. Default Help with my desktop and internet.

    My laptop has stopped working so i've moved onto a desktop with windows xp.
    Is there a way I can use my wireless on it without a ethernet cord? I just have a router, not an adapter or anything.

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    Default Re: Help with my desktop and internet.

    Unless your desktop has some sort of wireless capability to connect to the internet, I don't think it's possible.

    I'm not a techie guy so there might be another way.

  3. Default Re: Help with my desktop and internet.

    Try listing the model and specs, it may help. Most desktops are not wireless, although you can buy stuff like Wireless USB and other adapters. Some newer or personalized/specialized desktops do come with built in wireless, although it is usually not the best option. Why cant you plug in the Ethernet cable? do you not have an outlet available?



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