So my gen 1 DS works fine and dandy. Played some today. Now it's a matter of charging.

I plugged it in fine this morning with no problem, but took it off the charger cause i went to class. I plugged it back in, charged fine.

Now however, for whatever reason, the charger will only show the orange charging light for a few seconds and then the light turns off. It isn't the outlet as I've tested it with multiple different ones. I assume it's not the battery because it played fine this morning. This leaves it to be either the DS itself (meaning internals sans battery) or the charger. But seeing as the charger can transfer energy to the DS, I assume the problem lies with the DS. A google search leads me to believe that it's a "fuse" problem, which is legitimate i suppose. The DS is one of the first generations ones, so needless to say it's pretty much out of warranty and old. Is there a way to test the fuse theory? I'm gonna ask my brother if I can borrow his charging cable to make sure my cable isnt defective, but I have no idea how to test for the fuse issue without actually doing it myself (which is a bad idea already).

EDIT: additional info: Since it charged fine before, i turned it on again to make sure it still could be turned on. Battery is fine, my ds works fine (i can still play games on it). It's just the charging light will charge for maybe 10 seconds and then the orange light will turn off as if it isn't charging at all (i assume it to be not charging at all). Would like help before dismantling my DS :/