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  1. Question Maplestory's Longevity

    Just something I've been thinking about as of late.

    Does anyone remember, or has anyone ever played Trickster Online? The North American version of many-years-running will be closing officially in the next two days: ( Some of its members are trying to band together to pitch the game to some other company/save it somehow, with one of their primary candidates being Nexon (Poor souls). It had a long and successful run -- EDIT: No it didn't! Seems I'm way out of touch with the way things were being run for that game. It's admittedly been years since I've played, so excuse my lack of connection with its current status. I was simply going by what I read on their forums. It was doing well when I played it last, many years ago.

    But why is any of this relevant? Because it made me wonder, for how much longer can Maplestory continue to operate? The game is steadily headed towards its 10th anniversary. A full decade of Maplestory, a game that boasted compatibility with Windows 98. In my personal opinion, the updates are becoming uninspired and repetitive. And while I know that they make huge amounts of money off of the game, I struggle to think of many more things that they could do with it creatively.

    What is your opinion? How much longer do you think that Maplestory can continue to stay online? Two years? Five years? Ten? Or will it continue on forever?
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    Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    I don't know how long this game will last, but I disagree that all the content has been uninspired or repetitive. Root Abyss was a pretty cool system they recently implemented and EMS's Supreme Server is also pretty original and creative. Unlimited will also be pretty game-changing. Hopefully with time we will keep seeing better content and that will continue to interest people to play.

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    Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    Maple will survive a few years before it meets the same fate.

  4. Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    No clue honestly. The game has good points and bad points. I hate the fact that its ran by one of the most money hungry producers in the entire gaming world, but I still enjoy the game for what it is.

    Although, If my friends didn't play it, i probably wouldn't either. The community used to be good, and the few of us that stay in touch keep our friends on maple.

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    I believe it has some time to go. To say it will go on "forever" is a bit of an extreme in my opinion. Of course, it is possible, but at the same time it's not necessarily probable.

    (And then you have Trickster Online which shut down for completely different reasons. Also, if you have anything positive to say about Trickster and how it was run, you need to have played a lot longer. You guys talk about how bad Nexon is, and yet SGi makes Nexon look like a horrible joke.)

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    Clue me in, then. My only recent information on the game comes from skimming whats left of their forum. The last I played it was many, many years ago, so my impression on the game might be a bit outdated. I remember it being pretty okay.

    Root Abyss is decent content, and the supreme server is a pretty good idea, too. But I don't care for Unlimited, particularly the new classes and especially the Farmville knockoff. And I'm sorry if I seem overly critical of new classes, its just that I'm beginning to tire of the same type of content being pumped out over and over. Balance patch, new class, rinse wash and repeat. As a Battle Mage, I feel that not much new worthwhile content ever flows down to me.

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    Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    As far as I know, only the North American version of Trickster is being shut down. The Korean version is still getting new content updates, which actually do look very interesting...

    I played Trickster a little over a year ago, and the game was kind of dead, even then. From what I've heard, it's gradually just gotten worse and without a playerbase, there's not much incentive for a company to keep a game going--my guess is it wasn't really profitable anymore.

    MapleStory won't die anytime soon, unfortunately. While the playerbase has significantly decreased since it was in its prime, Nexon still makes a huuuuge profit off of us. Despite how much Nexon has pineappleed up, there are more than enough loyal maplers to keep the game going.

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    You guys are silly. My pet Shark and Pendant slot expire in 2078, so obviously the game will end then. :)

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    i dont see maplestory, as a whole, going down in the next 5 years. NEXON KR is still making big bucks and as long as they are feeding the distributors content, GMS is gonna stand strong until about 16 years or so ?

    MSEA on the other hand....

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    I've never really thought about Maple closing down for good. Nexon doesn't seem to be slowing down with Maple, so I'd give them at least 5 more years.

    Side note: I spent a HUGE amount of time playing Trickster, due to meeting two incredible people on the game (sadly, I've lost touch with both of them). It's a little heart-breaking to see it finally go, even though I quit so many years ago (started at the beginning when the hype was all over Basilmarket).

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    5 - 10 years max

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    I think with Maples, each version is slightly different, with slightly different player bases. They may lose some of them as time goes on, But KMS (and probably JMS and CMS) will probably last pretty long, it depends on the players and the profit. I would guess that as the player base or profit dwindles, so does the effort they put into it untill they close the servers. Korea, Japan, and China all have large player bases and are decently profitable. GMS is quite large to, but not as profitable as some of the other servers.

    You also have to remeber they could be working on a Maplestory 2 (or something to that effect). That could change the field depenign on how they do it and implement it with maplestory. Maybe they carry everything over and shutdown the orignial, maybe they have both at the same time, or maybe they dropped it, i dont know.

    Time will tell.

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    Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    Maple will last forever just like neopets.

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    Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    it really depends, not all games crash. like yous aid, some companies end up transferring the game to another company(e.g gunbound). I think maplestory has a large enough fanbase that it's probably going to stay for a good while. id expect another 7 years at the least surprisingly. I mean, the rpg market in general is moving to the f2p market.

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    Well they could always do what Lunia did when it was cut off service. They just let the game run with no more updates and whatnot.

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    Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    I think it can live for a long time.

    Age of Empires Online stopped receiving updates but the servers are still up and don't appear to be going offline soon.

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    Same with Diablo II/LoD, Came out in 2000, Still has a fairly decent playerbase

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    Nevermind Diablo 2, Diablo 1's servers are still up.

    Maple Story will outlive us all.

  19. Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    Oh my..

    I loved trickster online, I really did. In fact I thought about going back to play it again quite a few times after being banned off of it. This is pretty saddening.

  20. Default Re: Maplestory's Longevity

    Maple will be just like WoW. Only Maple will "kill" Maple.

    As long as it still has a playerbase, there will continue to be updates.



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