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  1. Default How would you build a character?

    This really does seem like a question, but this is mostly for getting a good generalization on where focus should be spent if you had a budget.

    Let me go ahead and set a baselimit and some guidelines.

    • Use the world you are in, since you should know how your worlds prices work.
    • There are 5 max budget mesos you can use are at the bottom.
    • You can choose any class you want.(This includes up to Wind Breaker and beyond.)
    • Please include if you self scroll the item or buy it in store. (Generalize the price).
    • Use what is currently in the cash shop to use your NX (includes any sales, and any future sales in the next 15 days).
    • Please use the market within the previous 5 and next 10 days. (As expected patches can fluxuate prices)
    • No duped items, try to be legitimate as possible.
    • On the case of mined items (IE: Primals) we'll just resort to buying them as it's damn well near impossible to find them on your own.
    • Your character is already 200 with AP put into whichever you please. SP will not be needed as most people usually build the same thing.
    • When you finish accounting the gear you have, please include base stats of the item,(be general about your personal experiences in scrolling, use a scrolling simulator if you need to).
    • Make sure you post which Country and Server you are in.
    • It's obvious that things do cost nx to make trades so you can stipulate items with NX/NP/ or @Cash.


    • GMS: 500m|15k NX / 1.75b | 25k NX / 3.5b | 50k NX / 5b | 75k NX / 10b | 200k NX
    • MSEA: 500m | 30k Cash / 1.75b | 50k Cash / 3.5b | 100k Cash / 5b | 150k Cash / 10b | 400k Cash / 25b | 1m Cash
    • EMS: Looking for someone willing to help me out here.
    • JMS: 500m|1.5k NP / 1.75b | 2.5k NP / 3.5b | 5.0k NP / 5b | 7.5k NP / 10b | 20.0k NP
    • KMS: Looking for someone willing to help me out here.

    Disclaimer: I thought this would be more question sided, but if it seems more like a discussion then please move it to the discussion section.
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    Sounds fun. Just a mostly redundant question first though, would MapleSEA count in this?

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    All servers and countries are in it.

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    How about the mesos budget? I did build my Phantom on minimum mesos previously but our economy is so out of the stratosphere that the stipulated budget above wouldn't cut it.

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    10b and 400k @cash not enough?

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    Normally this is where I'd get down on the floor and do a literal ROFL but no, you could have 1 million @-cash and maybe make an excellent character with much luck. I guess the question now is whether you're prepared to see the true horror of building a character in MapleSEA and my limited budget solution based on the goals I aim for because boy, do I have some juicy stories to tell!

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    Guess I'll add Option #6. 25b / 1m @Cash.

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    Incidentally, we at MapleSEA would kill for that kind of mesos exchange rate if we could all move over. Okay, so this is how I am building my Phantom who's still a work in progress because I have yet to finalize my pendant, weapon, card and probably a top + bottom if I don't feel like I'm already going over the top (Ha, ha).

    Don't open if you're eating or drinking anything. Really.

    Presenting: Project Miser Mastery!

    World: Bootes
    Budget: 400k cash (I could go higher, but really, I'm kind of close to what I'm already aiming for). Just so you know 400k cash is equivalent to RM 1000, which is about 333 USD.
    Class: Phantom
    Sales: Just the previous Valentine's Day sale. I bought 27 cubes for about 60k cash which was worth it as my three cubed items can go for an upwards of 400k cash.
    Self-scrolled?: Yes for all items.


    - My previous budget for my Phantom was only about 2 billion total and 40k spent aiming for a Dark Angelic Blessing plus 12k spent on transferring a 6 WA Witch Belt, along with 15k spent trading a PSOKable shoulderpad for someone's 15% LUK Bunny Mask. I lucked out and managed to craft some nice items including a 9% LUK pants that I'm still using which put me at about 54% LUK before Phantom was even out.

    - I decided to spend much more when Veracent was released because nearly everything I had was 6% and above, but not without fusing! I estimate that I easily blew over 6 billion mesos simply potting and fusing during this period as our potential scroll prices shot up the roof but I was able to supplement myself by selling Darkness materials. I stopped right before the SoK sale ended (2 SoKs for 12k) as I had accumulated 4 epic 3L rings and 1 unique 2L ring to sell when the event ended, plus I kept one unique ring and one epic ring for myself. Both attained legendary status and 15% all stat in a total of 9 cubes but my belt sadly ate through the rest of my cubes.

    - Next, I decided to get more equips to increase my LUK%. I found two sellers who were dealing a 15% LUK cape and 15% LUK earring for 50k and 40k respectively so I quickly snapped that up because it was about as cheap as one could get. I did have to use a Perfect Innocence scroll on the cape since it was scrolled horribly, but I managed to land all my 60%s on it and get the earring to 8 LUK. I still need to Perfect Innocence my first ring unfortunately because it has built in WA and my Miraculous Chaos from Andy failed.

    - As for future plans, my current plan is to buy an epic 3L CHTP for roughly 26k (11k + 15k for PsoK, not decided yet) a 15% Czak for 50k maximum, 15% VSS for 40k hopefully and self-scroll a Dragonic Ange de la Mort. I may switch around the items since there's a nice top going for roughly 65k which is already nicely scrolled but that's about it for now. I plan to cube a bit more, but only for my belt since it's 12% LUK with 2 junk lines.

    Total used: ~ 11 b mesos, ~350k cash?
    Current range: 75.1 k
    Total LUK: 129%

    In general though I'd recommend building accessories, then armours and finish off with the weapon. While the weapon is the most important it's also the most expensive, a lot of classes now have an exclusive weapon and you wouldn't be able to fully appreciate it unless your accessories and armours are tip-top. In that sense I'm more than delighted that I picked Phantom as my main because even the top Phantoms at my world prefer the Dragonic cane due to its inherent 20% damage bonus against Cygnus, her knights and Pink Bean + statues.

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    Thats mesos and Cash. Not your conversion rate, though you can use whichever kind of budget you want to make it more realistic. Those were set up just to help get a general idea of scale.

    And Jesus What the Flying Banana Christ what happened to MSEA. lol.

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    Asiasoft happened. I had to use both because as you can see from the ring example it would not have been possible to stick to just one to minimize spending on either side, and the conversion is just there to emphasize how little I would actually get if I had only 100k @-cash in comparison to 100k NX, even though 100k NX is actually worth more.

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    Default Re: How would you build a character?

    Sadly, I know as well as some people in my bl that the first thing I would do with my character is to use the nx to buy nx clothes. >.>

    I'll edit this once I have an idea on what to do.

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    Why not? I still have 10k lying around somewhere for my final cash overall, I only bought my current one because it was on discount, cute and I disliked changing back to my default whenever I wasn't training.

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    Default Re: How would you build a character?

    I'm one of those people who can't play an ugly :I

    If I'm gonna be grinding on it, and staring at it for hours it might as well look the way I like it.

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    IGN: DrkLilith
    Server: GAZED
    Level: 210
    Job: DarkCryokinesis
    Guild: TheAura
    Alliance: Aura
    Farm: FIareon (dead)

    Default Re: How would you build a character?

    Ok I got it but sadly, I'm betraying a class I love for a class that seems more plausible for me to work with if I just started maple right now.

    Server: GMS
    World: Galicia/Gazed
    Class: Demon Avenger
    Sales: Not really sure but I will go with what is available
    Budget: 10b/200k

    How I would set up funding my DA:

    - Nx equips will probably take about 1-1.5b out of my budget

    - What I usually aim for is empress equips because with 10b, it doesn't seem viable to go with the lv 150 equips in root abyss or any other stronger tiered equips. Empress equips (just focusing on cape/shoes/overall/hat) are cheap when clean and would probably cost about 850m-1b depending on how many clean capes are available in the Free Market.

    - Next on my list are the empress gloves/weapon. 27 atk empress gloves should be about 2-2.5b and maybe a bit more if I want %str. Now, since DAs use Desperado, their weapon is exclusive so buying a decent weapon for bossing (unique with %boss lines) is impossible, especially in GAZED. Therefore, it is more plausible to cube the weapon instead. Not sure on how cubing goes (since I love buying stuff with mesos instead of using nx to cube stuff) but 4.5b (90k) on a weapon should result with a perfected Desperado with epic potential lines. If there were decent Desperados in the fm, I would go buying that instead. :/

    - Rings would be around 1-1.5 (evo II/III/abr/Tempest) and I would get a cheap 6% str shoulder/earrings to add up to

    - For a belt, I would just fuse one for decent %str.



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    I'm currently in the middle of writing a Demon Avenger, Bowmaster, Phantom, and Xenon one. I'll post back when I finish it. But yes, both @Icedemontrihorn; and @Curtiss; have the idea down.

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    I'm glad I don't have to deal with acquiring equips from nothing again...

    That said, 4% equips via fusing level 31-40 gear is probably most cost-effective for all the armor you can buy in stores - helm, top/bottom/overall, shoes. Earrings, I would just go to the FM and buy the best that fit into the budget.

    Once you've got the basics together, monster park for epic/uniques or good additional pot.

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    Server: GMS
    World: Bera
    Class: Demon Avenger
    Funding: 10b / 200k NX

    Funding Setup:

    • Use my Legendary 40 Att Lionheart gloves (transfer from DS)
    • Begin gathering 7~9+ Att Scrolls for associated weapon.
    • Spend 120k NX Cash Shop Scrolls & Cubes
    • Spend a combined total of 3b on RSP and CHTP. (Pre-Cubbed)
    • Use Epic Pot Scroll.
    • Obtain SI through Cubing.
    • Gain atleast a total of 200%+ Str total
    • Spend 10b on Tyrant Cape/Belt
    • Spend next 60~80k NX on Tyrant Boots.
    • Spend any last bit of my money on AEE's and Positive Chaos Scrolls.

    Expected STR: 999 + (atleast ~300 str from Gear) * 200~% STR.
    Range: - ~ -

    I guess that's right.

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    I have ~110% str, and getting 200% from cubing with 100k nx is not gonna happen. You'd need, like 18%/item at a minimum, and you can't cube one of those for 100k nx.

    Anyway, don't Demon Avengers use HP as their primary stat?

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    Welcome to how to get a pineappleton of %HP on a demon avenger before potential and on the cheap

    Chaos Zakum Helmet: 10% HP
    Chaos Horntail Necklace: 10% HP/Crusader's Zeal Necklance: 10% HP
    Kaiser Level 2 Link: 15% HP
    Cannoneer Level 2 Link: 10% HP
    Three Empress Pieces: 15% HP
    Two Tempest Pieces: 10% HP
    Rex Earrings: 10% HP

    and I'm sure I'm missing some, but, well, from those equips clean alone you're already at 90% HP. (80% if you don't have a dual pendant slot)

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    Add in 7 set Empress and you're adding in some more HP too, and doesn't Dominator Pendant also add 10% HP?



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