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  1. Basic0 How can I finish RLH the fastest?

    Hello everyone! First time posting here, and I'm happy to be part of the community now. Now onto my question.

    I have 19 RLH keys to use before the next patch in a little over a day now. I need to use these things quick, but I always end up taking 5-6 minutes to do it. I always hit the Math map, the 2 minute wait Map, and the avoid the nurse map.

    Bosses aren't a problem, I slaughter those guys, the problem is the stages I mentioned and the time it takes to add friendship points before proceeding to the next stage. Does anyone have any tips on how to make a RLH speedrun?

    Thanks a bunch guys!

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    Welcome to Southperry!

    Math map: Use a scientific calculator. I usually keep the Windows calculator open next to the game window (make sure it's in Scientific mode, or else the answers will be wrong).

    Nurses and the 2 minute map are unavoidable in terms of speeding things up, you can't make those clear any faster. To make the two minute wait room easier, though, you are not required to kill the ninjas in there, just sit at the top and wait for time to run out.

    An additional tip: In the art room (with the NPC you "ask out"), just hold Enter and you'll eventually get the right option chosen, because it seems to be random whenever the window comes up.

    I have no idea if you already do all of this, since you never mentioned how you do things.

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    Welcome and Grats for posting. If you have a strong familiar or you're a phantom you can either take it out and have it kill the nurses or use Vol D'Ame and then kill them yourself, for the math stage you can just open up a calculator and do the calculations there, the 2 minute wait map will always take two minutes. 5~6minutes is usually the fastest time I get too.

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    The math question one doesn't take that long. At least, for me. The points are quick to add for me as well.
    You can't do much if you run into the timed stages. It's all just randomized.

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    The math question shouldn't take long. You can always have a calculator out if you are really looking for speed. I don't have any tips for the other two since the completions are based on the timer.
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    Also, just so you know if you have any RLHS keys left over just make sure to leave your character in the RLHS map before the patch and it will still be there after the patch.

    (But you most likely knew this already.)

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    Instead of procrastinating by asking questions, just go do it. 19 keys is what, two hours or so? Go!

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    Killing the ninjas ISN'T required? Oh, the potions I've wasted on that stage...

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    Thanks everyone for all your help.

    I'll hold enter in the stage that requires you to seduce a girl.
    I'm a 186 Phantom, so Vol D'Ame and the nurses are dead!
    In the 2 Minute stage I'll just wait it out in the rafters.

    And WOW, I didn't even think of that. It's so obvious that I'm actually embarrassed.

    Thanks again everyone for your overwhelming support!

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    For the girl seduce one I just hold down the NPC chat button. (The same button as the Harvest button) It automatically selects the first option, closes, and reopens dialogue with her till the first one ends up being the correct one.



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