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    So, over the years, I've heard a lot of butthurt over Fox News, but no real specifics. What specifically is so bad about it?

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    Its basically all conservative talk shows, and they report only stories that make liberals look bad and conservatives look good. But I have seen bias like that but in the opposite direction on other networks, just not as overt.

    If you're not a conservative you'll think its ridiculous.
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    I'm conservative and even I can't stand to watch it. There's just something about Republican propaganda that makes me hate them even when I agree with the idea.

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    This is all I have to say about how incredibly silly Fox News can be.

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    How have I never seen this? I literally died laughing.

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    Much of Fox News is just an ignorant circle-jerk. A lot of people get some really biased information from there

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    The channel is made to pander to people that like things the way they are and are scared of change.

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    It is biased. Horribly biased.

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    You know who I really like listening to on the radio? Rush. That guy is hilarious to listen to, if only because of the fact that everyone can see his rage induced heart attack coming from 100 miles away. There's another one like him, though I don't know if he's even still on the air, named Michael Savage. His website looks like it was made in the 1990s for a church or something, that's the only way I can describe it. I disagree with a lot of people in the media, but I rarely call them "extreme". Those two are EXTREME. Perhaps even XTREEM.

    Fox News' reporters are not extreme, they are merely deluded like the rest of the media, with the small difference that the blinders they are given upon acceptance of the job are skewed to the right instead of the left.

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    It's a sensationalist conservative channel that makes itself out to be one of the last bastions of fair and balanced reporting in the face of "massive liberal bias from the mainstream media". It's not the worst thing in the world and there are plenty of more extremist and ignorant examples of journalism. They are just prominent enough and comically out of touch with young adults today to be commonly ridiculed.

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    Example of Fox News bias: Look up Fox News discussions regarding violent video games. You'll facepalm harder than Picard.

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    Oh god, here we go!

    The biggest fail is one of them downright admit they haven't played the game before bashing this hard-to-find Mass Effect scene.



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