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  1. Default Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    Akward two senetences I know. So during my soul searching journey on WoW, I had alot of fun with the professions system on WoW. So I decided to give maple's system a whirl. So let me cut to the meat of the matter: does the professions system on maple allow for any decent meso gain? How so?

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    Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    I know that people craft and sell android hearts. apart from that, only thing I can think of would be fusing for potential items.

    I'm sure there probably are other ways of making money through professions, but those that I mentioned and personality maxing are the reasons I can think of.
    (I loved the profession system in WoW too. Herbalism + Inscription + Archaeology, so much fun, it's a shame Maple's isn't that in-depth)

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    Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    You can make money from fusing items and hoping for epic or unique reveals. Crafting potions could also yield a profit, but collecting materials and recipes is pretty time consuming. Maxing traits is a pretty helpful result that comes from using professions also.
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    Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    Making earrings can yield some profit if you could get 6+% stat on an earring.

  5. Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    I get really lucky sometimes when I fuse things.

    It's kinda fun and profitable, like cubing with mesos.

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    Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    Compared to WoW's profession system, you're selling lemonade with Maple's professions, while WoW's professions are more akin to actual money printing machines. I can spend several hours just fusing earrings, and I'd maybe make about 20m-30m. In the Maple economy that'll give me potion money and maybe some low-end Alchemy buff potions, but it sure as heck won't be getting gear upgrades. Meanwhile in WoW, making a few hundred gold a day without even really trying that hard is the norm. In the WoW economy, you only need a fraction of that for HP/MP restoring items for the week, and can easily cover almost a week's worth of equipment repairs.

    tl;dr Maple's Profession system is more for fun than for profit unless you really want to put in the time and money.

  7. Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    I think professions are a fun way to make a profit, but that does depend on your budget. I actually managed to craft and fuse about 50% LUK worth of items for my Phantom before I began to fund him, and he's now currently an alchemist to fuse untradeable equips and extract drops from Monster Park, so I would say it's a decent way of making full use of all the random drops you get while playing.

    And if you want fame, I suppose putting an extractor out at Ardentmill should get you some.
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  8. Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    I feel that the Professions make a really nice profit on one end, but then there are more people that do it for fun on the other. Mostly because people tend to hang around and mingle whenever I see them after they obtain the materials that they need. Stuff like that, of course.

    Plus, who wouldn't want to make something with both happy and relaxing music in the background? Ahaha.

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    Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    Fusing items can yield pretty decent profit.

    My friend fused a level 70 black cape and it had 12% int unique on it; of which I bought since I'm actually saving up dream fragments for an empress cape, as opposed to buying them. It'll be the last piece to my empress set.

    Half earrings are very commonly fused items as well. I got my 25% earrings that way (then 2-line, 15% int).

    As mentioned in a post above, you can create certain potions that sell well, like resistance potions (I think, someone correct me if wrong)...although gathering the materials can be a bit of a pain and make sure you gather them before you learn the recipe because the better potion recipes expire within a day of learning them.

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    Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    Fusing items is fun since it's like unlimited cubing.

    When I monster park, I tend to keep the interesting items (e.g: 2H swords, warrior equips, thief tops & bottoms) and fuse them. I got 6% luk bottom once and that made my day.

  11. Default Re: Professions for just fun? Or also profit?

    They're generally just for fun. Only time I used professions was to get to level 100 Diligence for the 10%+ Scroll Bonus.



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