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  1. Default The Official Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Topic

    Welcome to the Southperry Monster Hunter Online Group!

    Release Date Of Monster Hunter Ultimate 3:

    Single Player
    Multiplayer(if you have 3 3ds to connect with your wii-u)
    Online Multiplayer(Wii-u only)

    Compatible Controller:
    Wii-u Gamepad
    Wii-u Pro controller
    Circle Pro Pad(3ds)

    Why did you makes this topic?
    To build up a subcommunity of Hunters within Southperry,so we can have easy access to a list of Hunters who want to play online.

    Okay,so what is the difference from Monster Hunter Tri for the wii?
    Quite a bit actually,here is a list created by the user Felix_Trapper over by Gamefaqs that shows all the changes:
    Thank you Felix_Trapper Amazing work!

    Rules of the Online Hunter
    Yes we have a "Guideline" of Hunting Online,we want to create a Welcoming environment for New Hunters,as well as Veterans and if you want to be added to the list follow these Rules:

    • Don't slack off when hunting with a group!
    • Be kind to your fellow hunters!
    • Have fun!

    The Golden Hunter Tips To Victory(Newbies should read!)
    One of our valuable Hunters ,Polantaris ,has provide our topic with amazing tips for surviving the Monster Hunter world:
    Weapon Pros/Cons, Dos/Donts

    Many thanks to Polantaris! If you have any questions or suggestions about his tips just ask him!

    The Hunter's List
    Vontos-NNID:Vontos(Contact infomation: PM and later Skype)[US][Regular]
    Polantaris-NNID:Polantaris(Contact infomation: PM here, or on the Wii U,or mention in thread)[NA][Veteran]
    Arrol-NNID:GreenYulum(Contact infomation:skype, PM or Miiverse)[US][Newbie]
    Piggy-2.0-NNID:Porktrocious(Contact infomation: Either through PM or Miiverse if possible.)[US][Veteran]
    SuperNerd-NNID:NerdyJarte(Contact infomation:Steam, email, PMs, Skype)[US][Veteran]
    Link-NNID:ShiKage(Contact infomation:PM, Skype, Miiverse, 3DS Swapnote)[US][Super Newbie]
    FlameChocobo(Contact infomation:PM,Skype,Miiverse)[US][Newbie]

    How to be added to The Hunter's List
    State Your:
    • NNID
    • infomation on how you wished to be contacted
    • Region you play in
    • If you are a Veteran,regular,newbie(for reference)
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    Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    People are crying on kotaku because they can't play a real skill game. They hate the lack of auto lock in monster hunter (Something I love for the realism of the game), they hate the lack of an exp bar with improved skills so they can just fail a mission like 100 times till their skills just one hit KO the large monster.

    I'm really worried about the game industry right now, they can't really accept a game that rewards skills and effort, they just want another generic shooter, an easy auto lock game or a grinding exp game where losing is being rewarded. I loved the 3DS demo and my friend started playing MH with the Wii U demo and he told me that he is totally buying the game. I'll probably get the Circle Pro pad.

  3. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Yeah Monster Hunter smacks the modern gamer hard, it isn't easy bash bash bash on the monster,play reckless on the game and that is pretty much quest lost. I don't really feel like spending money on a circle pro pad for one game,I just feel like the camera overall is a learning curve for the 3ds.(PS lol kotaku)

  4. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Well they basically made the Circle Pad Pro just for MH.

  5. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    I agree with the OP completely.

    The Wii U version looks, plays, sounds, and feels(except below) absolutely fantastic. Considering how much time I know I'm going to put into MH3U, my Wii U was worth it already.

    That being said, they BETTER have an option for ZL/R to control the camera. There's just no excuse for ZL to do nothing, and ZR to be a toggle for a touchscreen control. Absolutely retarded. They need to fix that. In MH3 on the Wii, if you had a CCPro, those buttons were still crap and they controlled underwater stuff. I don't understand how it's such a hard concept for two triggers that aren't being used to be used for camera left/right. It makes no sense to me.
    It's also very hard for me to adjust to using a second analog for camera control when all my time in Frontier I used an Xbox controller and set L/RT guessed it, Camera Left/Right. It pains me to see those buttons be useless.

    As for the 3DS version...
    The font is pomegranate. Absolute pomegranate. Even on the XL it's hard to read. 20 on the item box looked like 2C, except the C was backwards.
    The sound is...okay. I don't know if it's the 3DS's speakers or not, but the sound is bleh.

    On the reverse side, the 3D is fantastic. The graphics are also far better than I had expected.
    The touch screen camera, while not Capcom's fault, just amplifies the need for a 2nd Analog without a crappy attachment. There's no reason it shouldn't have been a part of the handheld in the first place.
    Overall, it's not awful, but the Wii U version is vastly superior.

    I'm definitely going to get both, but that's mostly because I want to support the franchise in the US. MH4 is showing to be a rather interesting game when it gets released, and with Nintendo consoles being region locked I really want it to get localized.

    Plesioth was instantly an utter disappointment. They didn't change him at all. They gave him a few new underwater specific attacks, and then the rest of his underwater attacks are duplicates of his land attacks...and he has no new land attacks that I noticed at all. He's just as retarded, oversized, and annoying as he always has been. I know I will never be meleeing him ever. It's just not worth the frustration. Plesioth is one monster they should have never brought back, or really created in the first place. He's pineappleing awful.

    Speaking of water, I can't say I missed underwater combat after playing P3rd.
    Welcome to all reviews and complaints by people who can't play Monster Hunter. That's generally the complaints I've been hearing since way back in the day when I got Freedom 1. They're such old complaints at this point that I cannot even attempt to take them seriously, I just laugh.

    Ever see one of those threads on GameFAQs that suggest ways to improve MH? First on the list is always lock on. Second is usually EXP. Third is usually magic. Second and third could be switched. It's hard to take any negative attitudes about Monster Hunter seriously when they always suggest to destroy the fundamental concepts behind the game. Not to say most of the positive attitudes are easy to take seriously....If there's one thing Monster Hunter attracts, it's pimentos. The Monster Hunter community is half the reason Monster Hunter isn't more popular here. They attack and insult everyone who wants to learn, it's disgusting.

  6. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    At least Plessy doesn't have the invisible force 30 feet long hip check anymore,however I still think he is the biggest pansy monster and tail whips like there is no tomorrow.I should play the demo and try to range him and see how much easier it is.

  7. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Yeah...they removed the hip check...and now instead all he has to attack on land is land swimming, tail whipping, and the water beam. Such a diverse array of abilities that they definitely didn't need to add anything to make him interesting!

    Sarcasm aside, Plesioth is 100x easier to range, especially with Bow. Essentially, if you keep moving on land, you should never get hit. Ever. Too bad the Demo Bow is a Water Bow...

    Speaking of, the weapons they chose in the demo annoy me. Water Bow, Water Hammer, Ice SnS with Negative Affinity, what the pineapple Capcom? It's like they deliberately wanted to piss off anyone who knew anything about the game prior to the demo.

    Honestly, I think they should have never brought him back. Not just because of what they've done now, but in Frontier, they couldn't even think of anything interesting for his Hardcore version. Literally the only special thing about HC Plesioth in Frontier is that his land swim is direct-able. He's one of the easiest HC monsters available. If they couldn't think of anything to make an extreme version of Plesioth, why would they re-add him to the mainstream games? It makes no sense to me at all. To compare, many HC monster variants in Frontier are literally completely different monsters...and all Plesioth gets is an upgraded land swim. Definitely exploding with ideas for him.

  8. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    plessy,imo is one of the worst monsters, it annoyed me even more when you couldn't go after him in the water because you either had to sonic bomb his ass out,fish him out, or just...freaking wait. Back then I was strict melee,so I avoided plessy like the plague when it came to quests,because it took SO long to kill him

  9. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Plessy was really easy with the Lance, honestly.

    I'm happy with the demo, though, even considering I don't have a Wii U and likely won't for quite some time, I'll be stuck soloing the game on my 3DS.

  10. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Was really close to beating plessy with a light blowgun,I made a lot of silly mistakes. But you know plessy was being a plessy

  11. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    It really doesn't have anything to do with him being easy or hard. He's not fun to fight at all. All of attacks are annoying, and quite frankly the amount of times he spams things like tail whips and the like is so high that it makes him one of the worst, if not the worst, monsters in the entire game. That's always been his problem, and the fact that they didn't do anything about that is the problem. They spent all this time and energy into redesigning a large majority of how monsters work with Tri, and then they throw it all out the window with Plesioth and do absolutely nothing to make him better but yet add him into the game anyway.

  12. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    I downloaded the 3DS demo, but I'm probably gonna get a WiiU for the game anyway. Touching the bottom-screen to move the camera makes it really dirty, despite whether or not I've washed me hands.

  13. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    I will like to add when I was fighting him in the wii-u demo,when he was ticked off all he did on land was the run up and immediately tail whip,it's like he knows it pisses you off with that range.

  14. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    ... Did you just claim a game about , literally, "monster hunting" is realistic in any way or form?

    Besides that, look at how many people, even in this thread, from people who appear to be MH fans are claiming to have problems with camera controls. If the people who love monster hunter can't stand the controller setup, how are you expecting the people who aren't yet interested to react?

    I would GREATLY appreciate it, among a few other things, being an option, so I can at least try and react to the monster, and feel like any mistakes I make are a result of my actions, and not the game screwing me on purpose. (That was the key difference between making a game infuriating and challenging, incase you missed it!).

    For instance: Dark souls has a "lock on" system in combat. Did that make it an easy game? (Hint: No)

    It's like you don't understand why people aren't interested in/happy with the game. No, no-one wants to be able to ohko the monsters, anyone can easily see they're supposed to be a serious amount of work/strategy going in to beating them. More feedback on how you're doing in any given fight would be great though. Yeah, I got that the bosses start limping or whatever when they're severely damaged, but that didn't seem like enough to me. Would including an option to display a health bar for each (major?) monsters really be so terrible?

    Yes, people hate challenging games. That's why Dark/Demon Souls, Super Meat boy,Ninja Gaiden, Rhythm Heaven, Any Bullet Hell game, and plenty more, are universally reviled.

    If the Wii version of Tri, and this demo are representative of the entire series, I totally understand why it isn't popular. Yeah, I can see why people would enjoy fighting what is essentially a game made up of tough boss fights, but the UI is missing some options that they could easily add that would make the game so much more palatable to get started with

  15. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    I played the 3DS demo a couple of times, and I have to say it's quite fun once I got the hang of things. Having them point out that there's a (quite good) manual would have been nice, as would a little more feedback than just limping every now and then, especially if the monster goes back to the usual attack pattern after a while. If I'm going to buy the game I'm probably going to get the Wii U version, because dual analog is amazing.

  16. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    I wonder if I should start a new topic with a list people's 3DS friend codes and Nintendo Network ID

  17. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Why? We already have a thread with southperry 3DS ids stickied, and the Nintendo Network ids are all all in the first page of the wii u megathread (at least until we can get metaserpahim to add them to the main id thread). I don't think we really need another copy of them.

  18. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    Ahh whoops didn't even notice just a thought I came up with on the spot.Maybe an thread with a list of people who will be playing the game and some information about the game?

  19. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    If you think it will be popular enough, you can just edit the thread title and copy the list of nintendo i.ds into the first post of the thread for anyone whose playing. You can edit the title too, once the game is out. Probably don't need 2 threads for the same game.

  20. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Tri ultimate demo topic

    This is useful for those interested in changes between Tri and 3 Ultimate. Not entirely accurate but for more in-depth questions or discrepancies I can help if needed.



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