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Thread: [In Progress] Survey

  1. Default Survey

    Although frankly this one pisses me off;

    Are those really the only things you consider "Content"?
    Maybe you're not clear on the concept. New Areas? New Quest Lines? Epic Stories? New PQs? New JQs?

  2. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    Default Re: Survey

    I seriously read the answers for that question TWICE looking for "new quest" option...

  3. Default Re: Survey

    Did they even proof read it at all? So badly written. Completed it though.

  4. Default Re: Survey

    i would consider new classes, revamps, and end game bosses new content. i've enjoyed those kinds of releases, they've re-invigorated my interest in the game many times.

    in saying that, i was peeved that they didnt mention anything of the content you listed. im pretty sure everyone and their dog would appreciate GPQ back again, a new PQ for higher levels, and for god's sake new training areas past lvl 140.

  5. Default Re: Survey

    New JQs would be really awesome.

    This game definitely needs harder JQs and some pineappleing medals for those who can complete them!

  6. Default Re: Survey

    "When I train certain monsters provide more EXP so I am:"

    Funny how the last choice is "not sure what this question means"

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    Default Re: Survey

    I can imagine people writing not sure for everything....

  8. Default Re: Survey

    Don't know why, but this strikes me as engrish. Although, taking a second look, I see that it's just missing punctuation. A lot of punctuation.

    When I train, certain monsters provide more exp, so I am:

  9. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    Default Re: Survey

    Interesting survey, but more questions and better options would have been nice.

  10. Default Re: Survey

    I love to end game bossed!

    I don't really like many of the answers to the questions. Not what I would answer, meh.

  11. Default Re: Survey

    You guy's acting like this is something new, they did this crap the last two years, hence the L/A "meet ups".

  12. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
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    Default Re: Survey

    The grammar was so bad and the choices so limiting that I'm not sure if I picked the right ones...

  13. Default Re: Survey

    Filled it out, not that the questions were well enough thought-through to have good answers.

  14. Donator Male
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    Default Re: Survey

    Though i do enjoy new classes every now and then i do agree they over do it in maple and only focus on them and never any other types of content. Choices weren't very specific sadly

    I would have liked if they had a portion where you could type your opinion on the question.

    Edit: And as long as we have party play every other training area is going to be made pointless, sadly. I liked being able to get a nice bit of exp solo training at ToT. They really need to widen the variety of options. Sure there's future henesys and others but they just don't get up to LHC and SH's EXP if you're trying to go for as much exp as possible within a time frame.

  15. Default Re: Survey

    No option to pick high level content plus PQs?..

  16. Default Re: Survey

    Get rid of the 800x600 option and make all future assets be designed for 1366x768, which should be made the new default resolution. Allow for custom resolution options that show more of the map as the resolution increases. Downscale and apply bilinear filtering for window mode. Tenvi did this (albeit with 1024x768 instead, allowing for higher resolutions as far as you wanted to go), and we've already managed one change in resolution, so I don't see why not.

    More areas. More non-boss oriented team related gameplay, like PQs (even though PQs have bosses at the end, thats not what I mean). Party play nerfed by a fair margin, but then applied everywhere.

    Return of:

    -Old KPQ and LPQ.

  17. Default Re: Survey

    I'd be interested in this. JQs always were pretty nostalgic for me and we really haven't seen one since CWK.

    Uh, why would they make the default resolution that? If they really want bigger resolution they should just do it as 1280x720 and not laptop resolution.

  18. Mercury Straight Male
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    Default Re: Survey

    They should do a survey on how bad this survey was, at least everyone will be in consensus.

    Q1: How well do you think this survey was written?
    a)piss poor

  19. Default Re: Survey

    Hey, I like the little resolution. Fits in next to my browser so I can see both at once. I only bump it up for the bosses that have been designed not to work at 800x600 (Von Leon's so tall that you can't tell if he's in DR, for example)



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