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  1. Default How much funding does it take?

    Well I am a Dual Blader that is currently level 169. I have low damage because I'm nooby and don't know what to do to get it up. I'm just wondering how much it will cost to get up to 100k range.

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    I'm certainly not an expert on this nor can i answer your question. But you should list your current equips and range, and maybe even a budget.

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    Depends if you cube and scroll yourself or if you buy pre-scrolled/cubed.

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    Either way, a lot I would imagine.

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    If you are using clean stuff now, it would cost you several billions to get stuff of that quality, assuming you plan on buying all your stuff in FM.
    If you plan on charging NX and do stuff yourself, it will cost you hundreds of dollars unless you really strike it out lucky.

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    Listing your range would be great, along with your current equips (Example: Are you using the Cygnus set?). My Phantom is currently at almost 74k range at level 188 with about 120+% LUK and about 300 WA while DBs get an extra attack boost from their Kataras, so you should aim for that and try to get at least 5 set Cygnus.

    Other considerations:

    1) What's your budget/availability? If you can attend all of the good Happy Day and Hot Day events you could perfect at least a few of your equips rather than buying it.
    2) What are you aiming for? If you're going to boss you're going to need a lot of money either way.



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