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    Hi All-
    I have been a hard core Bowmaster for 4.5 years now and watched as my class became.... less respected shall we say. No other new class even remotely tempted me to ditch my BM as my main. With the wind archer revamp that has changed. I will be maining my KOC wind archer when the revamp comes and loving the thought of it. I am now trying to prep my lvl 120 WA in anyway that I can and one of my biggest goals is to get 55% buff duration like my BM has (40% IA 15% mech card). Got to Azwan to do it but I cant even beat normal mode on my lvl 120 WA at the moment. I know that with unlimited that azwan changes and IAs are unlocked all at once for lvl 120s. Do I kill myself now (looking for parties or trying to get my empress euips to WA) trying to get 40% + IA on my WA or wait til after unlimited? I used over 800 circs to get that stat on my BM. If circs start to cost NX to "recube" after you get a S/legendary IA then it will be impossible to justify the NX expenditure to get that IA. So aswan now or later? Can someone explain the chronology of aswan changes and when the best time/window be for trying to get th buff durration IA on my WA?

    Thanks so much

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    Azwan now while its free to recube s rank.
    Transfer all tradable dex gear to wa, and do hardmode defense.

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    This is pretty much the best time as you'd have some time to prepare. Since you're certain you're going for it it wouldn't hurt to find parties/leech parties.

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    What I suggest maybe considered drastic, but given that you have close to 6 months to prepare, I'd delete your Wind Archer and remake it. Level only up to level 119 so you don't get thrown into the 120-159 level bracket. But as others have said, now is the best time. Obviously, if you have well scrolled untradables this can be a problem and I'd also make sure you can solo on a 119 or lower character or all that deleting will be for naught.

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    Thanks for the replies. All my high end equips are lvl 140 (full empress, dom pendent). I have planned to PSOK all over to my WA but the problem is that I cant equip them on my lvl 120. I had a plan to solve that - use lvl bypass key 20 - but alas tempest is over and all my coins are on my main so I cant get this on my WA. Any other ways for my KoC to use my empress set and dom?

    Thx again

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    Really, I'd just recommend finding a party. You have something like six months to do it, you'd get the coins still and the third line now opens up at level 60 so why transfer your stuff over so quickly?



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