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Thread: hayyy^^

  1. Electron Bi Female
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    Cash7 hayyy^^

    hai! my name is alanna and i play a bishop(200) in bellonova

    i used to play the game 5yrs ago but quit after my freshmen year in hs, i think it was a few months after mts came out.

    i never had any high level characters back then, I used to just make characters over and over again(always a dexless sin )and pq until i was level 80 and i would delete my character and restart >.> I didn't really care about getting to 200 b/c pqing was so fun every time i'd delete my character i'd just transfer all my super op gear to my mule and make a new sin and pq back to 80 (i played scania btw, forgot to say )

    after my freshmen year i quit because didn't have time to play ms with sports and the sophomore classes i was taking, but I came back around 2-3months ago the week kaisers came out around Christmas break and made a bishop and got it to 200 in less than a week which was soooooooooo......... crazy because back then i used to have to train foreeverrr on mushies to get to level 30, and i'd have to like do the nlc jump quest to get to these monsters i don't remember the name of to train >.>

    soo much has changed since i played so long ago, i remember when steelies were around 8m, ilbis for 20m, and crystal ilbis 60m. 24 or 37(i can't remember) sauna/bathrobes used to be over 4b >.< and everyone sold onyx apples in fm for 20m ;\ now everything is 1/10th of what it used to be.
    I used to be in a bossing guild that would charge ppl 50-75m to go on their account to do the pre-reqs and get a zhelm for them now.. /solo czak geegee

    But i remember the game being soo much funner back then, maybe it was b/c i was an itty bitty girl even though the time it took me to get to level 50 I could get to 120-150 now.

    it's fun to be back though, I've met a lot of new friends.

    L>moar bello players D:

  2. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
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    Default Re: hayyy^^

    I had a lot of similar experiences playing the game when I was young (about 12-14). I remember it took me ages to get a character to level 30. It was a Bandit with STR, DEX, LUK and a little bit of INT, that liked to switch to my claw to use Lucky Seven. Oh god I was such a noob.

    Congrats on getting to 200, I've still yet to reach that goal D:

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    Default Re: hayyy^^

    Welcome back to MapleStory, and welcome to the Southperry forums!

  4. Default Re: hayyy^^

    Welcome to the Forums! don't be a stranger,post a lot,get to know the community, and ask questions!

  5. Proton Male
    IGN: Gylfheim
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    Default Re: hayyy^^

    Welcome! A lot HAS changed, but I'm sure you'll get used to it! =)

    And congratulations on 200! o.o I still haven't made it... Even after so many years orz.

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    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

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    north korea

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    Welcome to chinchilland!

  8. Donator Straight Female
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    Welcome to SouthPerry, fellow bishop

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    I am the grand SGGE/leader of the BelloNova players of this forum! (I am the biggest forumhoe of the BelloNovans) and I welcome you to this pleasant little forum.

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    Welcome to Sputhperry Alanna!

    btw, did you rejoin Edict? i thought you were in clover but i havent been on much recently.

  11. Electron Bi Female
    IGN: anoguchii
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 217
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Edict
    Alliance: Foundation
    Farm: Hope Chapel

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    thankyou everyone <3

    OMG... heyyy neryy! i didn't know you were on here :D

    uhm yes i did, a few days ago, I missed edict f3

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    Well welcome back! I really need to get on more.



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