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  1. Default PlayStation's conference today

    So sony has announced that today we "will meet the future of PlayStation"... or something like that. The mayority of rumors point that the next playstation will be introduced today along with some games for it. For months there's been many rumors about this console, from wether it will be backwards compatible (which I really doubt) to a possible system tha blocks it from playing used games (which would kill it before it's even born).

    In my opinion, I can't think of what new things they can add to a new console, current consoles already can connect and reproduce all kinds of media, this is probably why Nintendo went with trying to change the way games are played instead of investing in more functions and graphics. At the same time, just "double the better graphics" wouldn't do, look at the vita for example, it's twice or more times powerfull than the 3DS, but the 3DS has managed to catch the atention of customers and in turn of the developers.

    So in conclusion, IDK what to expect of today, what are your thoughts about it?

  2. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    I don't expect much. Console gaming has largely been a non-issue with me since the days when I could happily invest in a PS2 and get more value and fun out of it than buying three separate consoles.

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    Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    One thousand pineapples to you if I could.

    I've no need for the latest consoles (pc aside).

    I love playing my older games, whether it be ps2 (.hack, .hack//gu), snes, or my gamecube (ssbm and animal crossing<3)

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    My 3ds+fire emblem/pokemon conquest has ate up over 1k hours for me. I think my PS3/Wii have a lil under half that at best.

  5. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    Those are excellent games! It's not that I'm not interested in any new game, it's simply that you know something's wrong when wanting to play just fifteen games or so will involve purchases that could easily exceed spending heavily on Maple and I admit that I'm pretty much hooked on my old game anyway.

    To be on-topic, I hope Sony knows what they're doing because I find consoles these days tend to have limited value to me because I know at least some of the games I want will come out on some other console, I get paranoid when I hear about how devices overheat or get the console equivalent of BSODs (My PS2 and PS1 both gave me very little issues and we do not talk about how my PS1 died, RIP) and truthfully, I hear about things like the PSN and I think of how cool it'd be to play a classic like Suikoden on it until I realize that's way too much of a price tag.

    But don't let me distract you since most of the RPG series I like will never update again so there goes my incentive to buy consoles. :/

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    Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    I think it's quite annoying.

    They are going to release the PS4, which lets be honest, won't be that much different than the PS3, it will just have a few extra gimmicks. but of course, with the PS4 released they won't make any new games on the PS3, they will all come out on the PS4. It pretty much forces players to buy the new console even though it is pretty much the same thing :/

  7. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    Took the words out of my mouth. I like gaming and I like new games, but given how steep these price tags can get and how I'm an old-school gamer at heart that tells me buying consoles that will get outdated in months to years is a big mistake and I have no interest in participating in a console rat race.

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    Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    One of the reasons I decided to switch to PC gaming.
    As rumours say PS4 will come in November this year, I think they'll announce something else. Half year of propaganda isn't the smartest thing to do with consoles IMO.

  9. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    I don't know if you guys saw, but, log onto your PSN account today, you might get $10! I got it; I heard it was only for long time users/certain amount of money spent, dunno what the qualifications are.

  10. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    I doubt that. EA has spoken about how switching from PS3 to PS4 wont be something inmediate in the industry. Even if the console sells 1 million units in the first week, there's already around 80m PS3 consoles around, which makes it way easier to sell games for it than for a new PS, there's also the issue of the online. The WIi U is the perfect example, look at the sales of games like Assasin's, or how the online for CoD is empty. The PS3 will be alive at least 1 more year after the release of this.

  11. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    Playstation 4? Thats a thing? Sorry, I was too busy expecting a Playstation Vita price drop. A tremendous one at that. (It doesn't matter what form it comes in; I was hoping for a huge memory card price cut, personally. $250 for the Vita is an acceptable price for me.)

    There's a Vita bundle coming to Japan soon that includes a 32GB card, a stand, a screen protector, and the 3G/Wifi version of the Vita for $250 US equivalent. That's what I'm really hoping for, the announcement of that bundle for the United States. And more games for the Vita. Please, please, please announce more games for that thing already.

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    I'm surprised at the vitriol against new consoles. I played quite a few games this gen that just literally wouldn't have been possible on a a ps2/Gamecube/Xbox/Dreamcast level of console. To argue that there will be nothing new on it, even if it doesn't have a significantly different controller design, and only upgrades on the technical side of it seems a little foolish.

    Especially when someone mentions pc gaming as an adequate replacement. Realistically, you're going to have to replace a gaming pc more often than a console, AND pay more for it. Lord knows I have had to!

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    Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    I agree on this point. There's always something more than just improved hardware.

    I disagree on this point. A smart PC buyer can maintain a decent gaming PC for as much as paying for a console. And the PC gaming environment is always evolving and adapting, while consoles are only limited to the hardware of the current generation.

    And of course, there's just some things you can only do on the PC that you can never do on the console (unless you do some hacking around).

    That said, I wonder why Sony is announcing this now rather than at E3?

  14. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    9/10 times a console game plays 100x better on PC. The graphic difference alone is ridiculous. As for price, I disagree, really the only thing you have to replace every 4-5 years is the graphics card, if you were to want to keep up to date.

  15. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    I'm just waiting for them to acknowledge that the vita still exist.

  16. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    Normally I would be interested in the 'next gen' and all that. But so many games came out this gen that I still have a huge back catalogue I want to play. I wouldn't buy any console at launch either, not these days. I'll wait a little while and see how they all develop first.

  17. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    You can build a current gen-gaming worthy PC (enough to run newer games, at least) for less than 180? (Serious question : not tried in a long time, but I'm doubting it, but I could actually do with a new low end one, pretty sure parts in mine are starting to fail.)

    Because that's what an xbox 360 (250gb with 2 games) would cost me right now. I tired looking, but the graphics card and processor to run, say assassins creed 3 on suggested minimum settings, appears to cost over 130 alone.

    Obviously the new consoles are going to cost more than 6-7 year old hardware, but then so will the pc parts.

    I'm certainly not questioning that they can (and do) generally run better on pc, but if I buy a pc, there is little guarantee it will be able to still play everything released for the next 5-6 years, whereas a console, I can be absolutely sure it will (ignoring the company going bankrupt, or something similar).

  18. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    This. it's really weird how despite all the foreshadowing of the new generation of consoles, the past 6 months or so have been so active regarding content and this whole year seems to head the same way, part of why the Wii U is facing such a harsh start.

    I've been wondering this for a while, having backwards compatibility probably would be the best thing to happen to the PS4, it would just replace the PS3 instead of compete against it, making it easy for anyone wanting to buy a PS, but then what happens to the software sales? With a 7 years library out there and like 80% of it costing less than 30$, wouldn't that kill the sales of new software? As far as I know thats the main concern for which they wouldn't add said feature.

  19. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    Investing into a gaming PC is like investing into something with minimum base stats, equal to a console. But the growth potential, always gurrantees a better experience over time.

    I gave up on consoles because most of the games that are worth buying are shared on the PC and are so inferior to PC you're essentially throwing $50 at a beta test crap version of the game. See Skyrim.

  20. Default Re: PlayStation's conference today

    E3 is becoming less and less of an important thing. It's still important right now, but if you look at how most of Nintendo's conferences were basically outside E3, plus add in all the Directs, and now this meeting, the general focus is shifting farther away from E3.

    Which is good, because it's not like E3 has been stellar lately.



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