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  1. Default Can an Evan get to V2s?

    I decided to stick with funding my Evan and my side project. And I'm just wondering if an Evan can solo Empress just to do V2.

    If so is there a strat to it?

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    Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?

    Evans can definitely solo v2. I don't know the exact stats, sorry!
    I haven't attempted myself because of all the hackers and trouble....

  3. Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?

    They can, but the "KB removal" made it a lot harder for them to do so.

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    Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?

    They probably can. Strategy for every class except kaiser: Get status resist, learn DR timing for empress/mikhail, stay alive.

  5. Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?


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    Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?

    Only difficult thing for Evan is status resist. Right now we can get at most 20% from willpower. Evan survival ability for the semi funded or unfunded in bosses sucks.

    It's rather easy to get to V2 with capping damage. You should be able to.

  7. Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?

    Even without the KB you can still stick to one side of the map and she'll follow you over there until you're almost cornered, so in case of bomb/other HP emergency you can run to the other side and hide and you'll have a few seconds to wait for your potions to cooldown while she follows you back over there.
    Same thing with v2s, although they're a little faster than Empress herself so it might not work as well.

    This is what I do, but I have Slow, so they can't catch up to me very quick at all.

  8. Default Re: Can an Evan get to V2s?

    Well here's a vid of me doing it on one of my Evans.

    It's pretty much the same as with other classes. Know DR timings and know that she only potential locks after casting bomb when above half hp. And of course, you need enough hp to actually survive bomb. Soul Stone gives you an easy way out of everything.

    If your mp is low you may want to buy a potion pot and/or get invincibility time potential.

    edit: you will also want to take touch damage from stuff to avoid tornado



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