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    [About us]

    • We're a new guild starting up in the Aftermath alliance, looking for people to revitalize the alliance.
    • We have over 15+ alliance members on at one point during the afternoon hours and some from around the world so there will almost always be someone on to to talk to.
    • We are a guild of individuals that are looking to have fun and to do things together.

    [About Aftermath]
    • We are composed of 3 Guilds that are partially active, were in a rebuilding stage, but still pretty talky and active so there is almost always someone on to do Azwan or Bosses with.
    • Our Alliance Master is CIassicize, If you're willing to join the alliance (with an equally mature group of individuals that are looking to do end game bosses, Azwan, or just to hang out) she is the girl you want to meet.
    • The Master is CIassicize | Friends, the Jr's are Me, TouchTheTail | Willpower ,and BattlePanty | Addiction.

    • Yes there are rules, just very few requirements

    [Level Requirement]
    • 120+ | Yes I know this may seem steep, but most players now-a-days can reach this level in nearly a week.

    • Please act your age, not your shoe size!
    • No KSing, this is an absolute rule. Any KSing without Just cause is means of instant ban from the guild.
    • No Begging, asking for things is fine, but don't beg for things or ask for JR position. Those are given to people who has earned them.
    • You can cuss, but c'mon. We're not sailors.

    • Please be on at least a few hours a week to know you're there and talking with us and the alliance. We do bi-monthly checks. So if you're going away for the summer or in the case of an event happening please notify one of the Jr's or another member (or even the alliance).

    [Bossing & Parties]
    • Do we boss? Every day! We go to any boss we want! Just organize with your fellow alliance members
    • Do we Grind? You bet your sweet ass we do.

    [Application Sheet] (* = Optional, but we encourage you do tell us!)

    • Name
    • IGN
    • Age*
    • Country or Time Zone
    • Who are you! Tell me about yourself!

    [Guild Master & Juniors]
    • Guild Master - TouchTheTail
    • Junior - LeLemur
    • Junior - Ronniisback
    • Junior - 8EAST
    • Junior - (Unfilled position)

    • Just hit me up in game and I'll get back to you ASAP!
    • You can usually find my store in FM at night. Just /find me. If I'm not I'm usually afk somewhere where you can't leave me a message.
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