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  1. Default MapleStory Cosplay!

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this, but i (well, not really me but other mapler to be exact) just found a site where a group of Koreans cosplaying MapleStory characters!

    Let me post some captures they recently posted on their page.

    Mother of god, DAT Luminous, since when his hair color become silver?
    Can't really comment to others since i haven't recognize who is who yet, lol.

    You can go their FB page to look for more pictures. Don't forget to post some in this thread if you find them amusing. . Link :

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    Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    That's so cool.

    Dat Lillin.
    Dat Orchid and Lotus!
    Mercedes, Aufhben, Cygnus, Aria, Evan...

    disappointed at the lack of Oz.

    Hahahah, i hardly even noticed Francis. Who would cosplay as Francis! haha

  3. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    That's neat! Now I regret not taking pictures at my country's anime convention, they had a Buccaneer, Irena, Cygnus and a surprise Evan.

  4. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    Evan and Freud
    Empress Cygnus and Aria

  5. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    naw, little Evan and Freud are too cute
    dat Phantom omg.

    Alice and Cygnus sitting next to each other aaa <3

    Black Mage's hands over Cygnus/Aria made me laugh and then.. oh pomegranate reality set in

    also saw Neinheart and Phantom kneeling to Cygnus.. it was.. cute. GURLLLL
    (what were Mihile and Eckhart doing? haha)

  6. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    It's hilarious that a Lillin cosplayer turned up before Aran.

  7. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    What, are these the first and only MS cosplayers in your mind?

  8. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    Poor phrasing aside, the fact that the other four heroes and Lillin are all there makes Aran's absence all the more glaring.

  9. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    That I can agree with.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    I'm missing Aran :(
    I lol'd at Francis though haha

  11. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    Why should I believe that's Aufhaven and not that arrogant fairy at the door of Orbis potion shop? They both actually look pretty similar.

    Well, it sure must be really fun to do something like this with all of your friends. My only issue are those Mikhail an Mercedes, you can't get lazier than that.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    The longish hair, the horns and the tiara, the wings, the sword... it's quite accurate :P

  13. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    There was a huge comic con in Korea this past weekend....
    Along with a lot of Maplestory Cosplays (this is a special group, I know a lot of independent cosplayers) there were a ton for fan made Maplestory comics....


  14. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    I just realized she has horns

  15. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    same here, hence why I missed it is Aufhaven
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  16. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    Even though MapleStory comes from Korea the fact that they're Asian throws the cosplay off for some reason.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    I wasn't expecting anyone to cosplay Francis.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    now someone post our first annual costume contest winner please(the only one who participated)

    I liked mercedes

  19. Default Re: MapleStory Cosplay!

    Mercedes be derping hard. And dat QUALITY Mikhail. lol

    That third girl from the left (top photo) looks badass though. What is she? Nightlord?



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