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  1. Default Some Maple fanart

    I'm a bit intimidated because I see some pretty talented people around this forum, but

    Just a couple of drawings of some of my maple characters. My Jett, AB, and Lumi respectively.

    That's all I have to show for now.

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    Default Re: Some Maple fanart

    really liking the jett drawing here, it's amazing. the lumi i think is weirdly shaded (except the hair, the hair is quite nice) and the last one looks pretty cool.

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    Default Re: Some Maple fanart

    Your Lumi reminds me of Mituna/Sollux. :o

    These are pretty great! I love the coloring a lot!

    EDIT: OH I SEE THE NAME. I applaud you for that, sir.

  4. Default Re: Some Maple fanart

    Your shading and art style. (hnnnnnng). I do indeed love this.

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    Oh wow! I love this! You even have the horns that I love ><

    My DB was always in this nx before I quit him.

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    Nice NX and drawing skills. I could only draw my characters as stick figures :P



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