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    Hey all, i just had a few questions about these part time jobs that you're allowed to do on your characters above level 30.
    Im currently doing the Rest job right now and did so yesterday. I logged in after an hour and nothing seemed to have exp increase or buffs or anything so i went to ms. appropriation and she didnt have anything for me even though i had completed an hour of work.

    my questions are:
    How many hours do i have to complete to get anything?
    Are these part time jobs exp increase even beneficial on the work/play ratio scale?
    Whats the best part time job to work on?

    I am currently level 102 in case that's important

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    Mining is the best because you can get a ABR recipie.

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    Resting: Always 1.3x exp buff. The buff will last 10 min x hours you do this part time job and as soon as you accept the gift you got 1h to use it. 6 hours will mean 60 min of 1.3x exp buff. It can also give you some w.att buff, believe its only 5 w.att/m.att.

    Herbalism: If you have herbalism and its low level the chance of obtaining low lvl herbs is high. If your herbalism is high level then theres a decent chance to get high lvl herbs. You will always get 5 herbs per hour no matter what level they are, I'd recommend doing this only if your herbalism is level 10. It can also give decent recipes for some level 4 or to 10 potions.

    Mining: Same as herbalism but with ores, recipes can be obtained aswell but nothing special. I dont think ABR is worth using (at least not in ems) and if you really want it you can buy it from the tempest shop.

    General store: Gives some scrolls, not sure if this is worth doing. Got 10% luk earrings and stopped after that, find it kinda useless

    Weapon & Armor Store: Same as resting, but it will give you 1.3x drop buff instead of 1.3x exp at 100% rate. It can also give you some crappy weapons and armor, havent gotten anything special out of this.

    My source is pretty much 20 mules that I've been testing all this on for the last 4 weeks now. Mining and herbing is only worth doing if you got level 10, general store is crap, weapon and armor if you need 1,3x drop buff and resting if you need 1,3x exp buff.

    Reward will always begin at 1 hour, but adviced to finish it to 6h.

    Edit: Not sure if the 1.3x drop and exp tickets are 100% chance, didnt get one the 2nd time I did it on the same day.
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