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Thread: [Nova] Warrior equipment sale

  1. Default Warrior equipment sale

    I'm planning to go on Hiatus so I am planning on selling off as much of my gear as possible, Items include

    11 att unhammered Lionheart cape (rare crap potential 3 lines) SOLD

    32 att hammered 9% str Lionheart gloves (3 line unique) 2% str Neb added 11% str total SOLD

    9 att unhammered Lionheart Helm (Rare crap potential 2 lines)

    9 att hammered once Lionheart overall (Epic 3 lines of crap)

    211 att enhanced 3 times Lionheart Champion axe (1h axe) 20% boss damage (3 lines unique) SOLD

    Comment/PM offers I shall update this thread and will begin selling off my gear starting after I've reached 200 on my kaiser (Probably after the 28th)

    No NX offers please.
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