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    What are they good for? I never knew so I didn't get one before now, but half my chars have Summerrroids now.

    Is it simply being able to scroll 2 week hearts?
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    More or less, yes. I believe gold hearts are three weeks and you can scroll them with any junk scroll so that's a plus, and I suppose some just like their looks.

    On that note I wished I had a Princessroid but they're stupidly expensive here.

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    Yes, in terms of utility it's just the extra stats on the hearts. Like a huge accessory.

    Other than that, they cry when you die, cheer when you level up, and otherwise fawn on you (if you happen to understand their language), and you can play dress-up with them.

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    Summeroid is the one you get from the event currently, but yea, the heart is the only practical reason to have it.

  5. Default Androids

    I thought they were 3 weeks?

    And yeah, hearts are great. Soon to have a permanent heart from xenon. Gonna have to figure out how to perfect that.

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    Since we only have expiring ones, yes only to scroll. For people who don't care about minimum cost for 3 week hearts like myself, I just slap on a cheap 1% stat neb on them since I had tons from neb boxes anyways. Like Takebacker said, soon to be permanent hearts, which then brings it to the next lvl and lets us cube and stick 4% stats on them without worrying about an expiration. Most likely, I'll use event +5 all stat 5 atk scrolls, for multi-uses .

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    Its mostly for atk stat if you're willing to spend 15mil ish per 3 week ( gold heart) and play dress up of course!

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    It's mostly for extra att/stats and looks. The heart expires, but that's not really a problem because the recipe and materials needed to craft them are easy to come by. You can buy a crystal heart recipe from the tempest shop or something. The recipe is permanent once it's used on the character. You can make a mule just for crafting hearts and assigning them part-time jobs for the materials if you need it.

    I find that gold and crystal hearts are better to make than the other ones. Gold hearts come with 3 slots, uses gold plates and advanced item crystals, while crystal hearts has 5 slots and uses Luk crystals and superior item crystals. They're pretty cheap in the FM anyway, so it's up to you. I extract a lot of random equipment (mostly from Monster Park) so I get an abundant of item crystals. You can scroll the hearts with any scroll. I myself just use 100% att scrolls from the NPC because it's fast and consistent. I occasionally use junk 60% ATT scrolls whenever I come across any.

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    Is that an event or something? I need to get one of those...

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    Yes in kms they had a xenon hot time in which they gained perm android hearts, so all I can say for that is DO WANT

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    As already stated above, two separate Xenon Hot Times give you the Beryldroid and the Beryl Heart.
    Right now there is a Happy Time event going on in KMS. 70% and 90% scrolls that gives +3 allstats and 9 weapon/magic attack. No booming.
    I used two on my Beryl heart already. :)

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    What exactly do you mean by that? Permanent hearts are still permanently untradeable upon equipping; you can't reuse it.

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    Daaaaaaaaamn son, I thought I would get it on my Xenon because it belongs there, but with something like that I'll have to get it on my main. Just like the Angelic Chair. D:

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    As a DB, I have 1 primary and 2 secondary stats, if I played xenon I'd have 3 primary. Just the base stats itself is more important than the attack once you get around enough stats in. It beats having only 1 type stat + attack, although I'm quite saddened its untradable entirely. I was hoping those fires of phoenix or whatever would've worked on them too but oh well.

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    Well, yeah, I was making sure you knew that they're not tradeable, so you can't reuse them, and Flames don't make entirely untradeable things tradeable, unfortunately.

    There are other permanent hearts too, but Beryl one is the most readily available because everyone can get one from Hot Time. The others, while still completely tradeable after equipping, may be a bit better, but they come from NX-only CS Gacha Box events. Best one being the Superior Lidium Heart (it's just a name, not a Superior item, as in, the property), which is not only permanent, but it has two more slots and is, unlike the other perma hearts, which are level 30, level 80, so it receives 3rd Tier potentials.

  16. Default Androids

    Oh man 3rd tier hearts so much want

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    Oh boy, more NX milking, tough luck for these damn hearts then.

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    hmmmm so are the beryl hearts tradable or something o-o and how many slots does it have



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