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  1. Default All those questions where Google Search fails you.

    I've got to learn how to not close these threads next time in case I think of another question a day later. Searching has come up exactly zero answers and I'm not keen on blowing my mesos so quickly.

    The question is this: Can Androids be fused? I'm inclined to think they're not but inquiring minds would like to know, and your answers are much appreciated.

  2. Default Re: Android fusing question. F7

    At least summeroids can't. Already tried. Looks like there will be some loittered around.

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    Default Re: Android fusing question. F7

    Tried fusing a regular Android just now. Didn't work

  4. Default Re: Android fusing question. F7

    So much for trying to be a miser . Well, I guess it's time to do some Wisdom Crystal hunting since I don't quite like this look and I'll leave the topic open this time in case I find some other thing to ask.

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    Default Re: Android fusing question. F7

    Are you paying a fee to create a thread, or something?

    The Q&A section is meant to have a lot of short single-question threads. People are also more likely to look at a new thread with a meaningful title than a bumped old one with a meaningless title. Not to mention that hovering over the thread title in the forum/search list won't give a useful tooltip if you add a new question to an existing thread.

    So, if you think of a new question that is unrelated to Android Fusion, please feel free to start a new thread for it. (Meanwhile, change this one's title back and close it. No, I won't do it for you :-) If you really want to add questions to this one, it's your call.)

  6. Default Re: Android fusing question. F7

    Well, I'd close this if I can't think of anything else to ask after a day because I sometimes think of something new to ask within hours and I'd switch the title then. But seeing that I pretty much can't even think of what else I'd ask about considering I covered that in my previous thread and it's highly unlikely that anything I'd ask next would be more factual than opinion related, I think I'll go ahead and close this.

    EDIT: And naturally I forget to hit the close button the first time.



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