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  1. Default Tempest Rings or Dream Fragments?

    Well as we all know, Tempest is coming to a close and I have no idea on what to get with all these coins.

    I know Dream Fragments are mainly for crafting the Empress Capes, but it seems like most people are going to pass those up in lieu of the Superior-class capes.

    Tempest Rings seem pretty good, but it seems they only really sell if you can afford to invest Chaos'es on them.

    Opinions welcome.

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    Default Re: Tempest Rings or Dream Fragments?

    Tempest Rings will mature as an investment while Dream Frags will depreciate. It really comes down to how long you're willing to wait before selling.

  3. Default Re: Tempest Rings or Dream Fragments?

    I'm pretty sure that in the long run a well scrolled and potentialed Tempest Ring will give you more bang for your buck. Power creep will eventually destroy empress equipment while the ring has a better chance at having presence in the market, say, 2 years from now.

  4. Default Re: Tempest Rings or Dream Fragments?

    You're taking a risk either way because I wouldn't rule out Veracent being released in GMS as even MSEA got it but as far as investments it'll still be better to go for Tempest Rings and sell them off.



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