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  1. Default Architecture of the inhuman.

    A painting about technology, and it's influence on architecture and human emotions and behavior. Done as a work for a subject in my university. :>

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    Default Re: Architecture of the inhuman.

    I like it! a very interesting picture.

    I'm guessing that it is about how technology, light pollution and scyscrapers are blocking out the sun? and there are "soulless" people wearing business suits. If i'm right, you've done a good job illustrating that idea.

  3. Default Re: Architecture of the inhuman.

    Yep. :>
    This was done for a work that is also about human senses and how these are stimulated (or not) in some buildings, that's why these characters don't have any ears, eyes, noses, hands or mouth; initially, their faces were empty, but it ended up looking more like "City of Slenderman" than anything else. D:

    There's also the colors, while the sky has a very colorful area, it becomes plain blue when it's going down, that once combined with the absurd amount of light and information, creates the atmosphere of a today's metropolis; that shiny thing on the center was supposed to be a representation of the first idea, the pure imagination that guides a project on the first moment (colorful, free of rules and appealing to the eyes) and how it simply changes to a single color when it's dividing (the perspective isn't that good, but these curves that come out from that part change it's colors on the path to the city, showing how sometimes a spontaneous idea can be divided, torn apart and end up becoming the absolute same thing as every other building). The picture was supposed to contain movement (you could do other forms of representation for this, a video, sculpture or music); so my idea for that was to bring up a cycle in there, the cycle of a brilliant idea being eternally converted, over and over, to just another skyscrapper. :c

  4. Default Re: Architecture of the inhuman.

    Wow, you are really talented! :) The colours you chose look beautiful together. How long did it take you to complete it?

  5. Default Re: Architecture of the inhuman.

    I had to rush a bit on this one since it's for this Thursday, so it took me the whole day. (About 13 or 14 hours, since I've been doing this from today's morning to almost midnight).



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