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    Does anyone here have this particular certification? Any tips you would be willing to share? I've taken a week's course on it and have access to a practice exam website, but I'm having issues remembering all of the IEEE standards, OC bandwidths, and information regarding the physical cables. Most of it is just a memorization thing, but I've memorized so many tiny details that my brain is starting to fry.

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    Welp, guess it wasn't that important, managed to pass it.

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    Oh wow, grats! I will be studying to take my Security+ test coming up in August or so.

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    Starting on Security+ course next week!

    A lot more simulations in these than I expected.

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    Security+ is pathetically easy compared to Net+. I skipped half the course, I couldn't stand sitting there any longer. 20 MINUTE SECTION ON WHAT A PASSWORD IS. Not how hashing works, just, what a password is and what it's for. That class was almost...more entry level than A+. If you have used a computer for more than a year you will not have a problem with it. The only thing I can see people tripping up on is the terminology; it uses a lot of what some would consider to be difficult words...but they all mean the same in the IT context as they do in the normal English context, so I was beating my head against the desk in frustration for the first 2 days because the guy was sitting there explaining what confidentiality, integrity, and availability stood for, at GREAT length.

    The book was helpful for ONE thing though, and that's the step by step guides with screenshots on how to implement certain policies on Active Directory using the mmc console command. I had a class on that before so I knew most of the basics, but the more advanced stuff like setting the server up as a webserver then implementing IPSec policies onto it were helpful. And they are important on the test itself; simulations again.

    In lieu of sec+, they gave me a SQL 2012 administrator course instead, so I'll be starting that on the 4th of March. That's completely new territory for me, so should be interesting.



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