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    I've read that the nova cape and boots can drop from the sub bosses but the belt is currently only available from magnus due to being removed from the shadow merchant shop.

    They are also not sold or displayed in fm.

    If that's the case, what's the difficulty in obtaining a nova boot, cape, and belt?

    Are there any regular normal magnus runners or sellers for nova gear in Scania?

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    Apparently the Nova belt only drops from hard mode magnus, so it's impossible to get legitimately. Cape and boots have piss low drop rates from the sub bosses, I've never run magnus, so I can't comment on runners.
    I dunno prices, because people may prefer enhancing before pkarmaing, so the few I've seen are expensive as hell. x: I'd suggest just farming the sub bosses on 4x or higher, if able, and praying to get lucky. Or is the cape/shoe in the shop? Would just run with friends in that case(but I dunno people who run, as said). G'luck getting them!

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    Nova Belt is pretty much impossible due to Magnus Hard Mode. However, there is an alternatively guaranteed and easy way to get the Nova Boot and/or Cape, but takes a long long long time. In Downtown Heliseum, you can talk to Gallero for 3 daily quests that rewards you with Shadow Merchant Coins (can be 3-5 coins per day, depends on your luck with which quests are given), this will take awhile (Since the Nova Cape and Shoe cost a flippin 250 each) but it is guaranteed and relatively easy to do.

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    So it's true that Magnus Hard mode really is impossible even if you're 200? Do you think with the level cap raise it might be possible I'm doing very well at powerleveling and around 150 I'd like to try.

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    Level doesn't matter at all.. o.o. Hard mode magnus is impossible even if you have 300-400 % of whatever stat on a regular char. It might be possible on an AB with that much % stat and godly scrolled equips/fully enhanced tyrant (do cap with soul seeker).

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    Level has nothing to do with it. For most classes, funding has nothing to do with it either. Because of the way Magnus's attack mechanics work, it's virtually impossible to attack him consistently while remaining mobile enough to stay alive. Soul Seeker is the notable exception because of AB's capacity to break damage cap and it's autotarget feature which means the AB can attack almost constantly.

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    Yes it's impossible. The only way it would be possible is if you had 6 maxed out Busters who all had excellent control.
    Level increase won't make any difference since we'll still be capped at 999 main stat and there aren't any new skills/skill revamps or a 5th job.

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    I thought normal magnus has a chance to drop nova gear and hard mode has a better drop percent rate for nova along with tyrant?

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    Is there any logical reason why the merchant doesn't sell the Nova belt? Is it that way in KMS too?

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    Yes, but the drop rate is very low. Normal magnus' drop rate is pretty much the same as the mini bosses and you can do the mini bosses more than once a day unlike normal magnus, so you'd need to kill it +50 times or so with some drop buffs. And even then, I don't think anyone has gotten the Nova Belt from Normal Magnus. The ones in FMs are from Hard Magnus hacking.

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    So a level 150 belt at 8+ bil is currently easier to find than their level 110 counterpart?

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    Nexon logic.

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    That's demented.



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