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  1. Default About Mu Lung dojo coins.

    I've tried to check sources on this but MSEA being MSEA and all who even knows what to trust any more.

    Here's the question: While doing the dojo for coins today I couldn't help but notice that the blue belt was only 25 coins and it gives 100 Ambition and Charm each time. As I can clear Ranked Mode within 17 minutes and three attempts are given for Ranked and Normal + Hard I've worked out that would give me something like 600 Charm minimum a day and I'd only have to spend about an hour tops. Sounds appealing, but now I've no idea if both of these are permanent.

    Tl;dr: Does the number of coins for the tokens stay the same and can I always do at least 3 ranked modes a day even after our Justice Finale is over on the 13th of March?

    Thanks for clarifications.

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    Default Re: About Mu Lung dojo coins.

    I would assume the cost of the belts remain the same after the events end; they're still the same in GMS.

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    You can finish ranked or how much coins do you make per round of ranked because i want to farm charm too but i don't think i can even finish it.

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    Normal= 6 coins (2 bosses x 3 tokens)
    Hard= 16 coins (4 bosses x 4 tokens)
    Ranked= 40 coins (8 bosses x 5 tokens)

    I suppose you'd have to try Ranked mode yourself first to test it out because doing 3 hard modes wouldn't be nearly enough for extensive Charm farming (By the way, I can finish it). Besides this I also plan to see if I can find a permanent Orbis/Kenta PQ party and I can also finish MPSH in slightly more than 5 minutes currently so I could actually max out my Charm without splurging on cash...that is, if I'm patient enough.

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    Yes, the blet prices remain the same and you should be able to do dojo three times a day after the event.

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    Got it, looks like I've found a new way to kill time on Maple and I should get my Charm maxed before the nerf hits. Thanks for the replies!



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