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    Default Elemental Wand/Staves

    I remember reading about this ages ago, but I've completely forgotten about how it works.

    So elemental wands/staves give bonuses for elements that match the colour right? how much does it increase those by? (I remember that it was lowered at one point)

    I also heard of a damage reduction if you use the wrong element. Is this true? how much is the reduction?

    Could I use an Ice/Lightning Elemental Wand on my Bishop without a reduction?

    And are Battle Mages affected by this reduction (I doubt this)


  2. Default Re: Elemental Wand/Staves

    10% to the color and 5% to that colors secondary element. In other words, a blue staff would boost ice at 10% and lightning at 5% and penalize every other element except dark (it did not exist back then).
    Do note that when GMS repaired and nerfed the elements after taking them out completely with BB, they jumbled up the colors and effects for staves (not wands), but there is a list somewhere here at SP.
    Originally the buff was bigger, but after BB they deemed it too much.
    Bishops would be penalized from every staff and wand, but BaMs are left unaffected.

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    It should be 10% bonus primary, 5% secondary, and 30% penalty for different element. And all the weapons are giving bonuses to the correct elements now.

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    Default Re: Elemental Wand/Staves

    There was a short period in time where E. Wands/Staffs had no penalty for bishops.
    That penalty has been replaced now, however.

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    Default Re: Elemental Wand/Staves

    Ah, thanks a lot. Kinda what I expected, surprised at the big 30% reduction though. D:

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    Default Re: Elemental Wand/Staves

    I think it used to be 50%, when the weapons first came out? Anyone want to confirm or throw knowledge in my face?

    Regardless, perhaps the 30% wasn't changed in the nerf, as the staves used to be 25%/10%, primary/secondary elements, respectively.

  7. Default Re: Elemental Wand/Staves

    Maybe it is 25%. I just plopped down 30% after testing it with Evan's Ice Breath and seeing other people cite that number somewhere. I only tested it for like 1 second lol

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    This thread:

    It's a 25% penalty on opposing attributes and Holy.

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    No significant effect on BaMs IIRC. Then again, who cares about Dark Shock when it kills things in one hit...


  10. Default Re: Elemental Wand/Staves

    ^ That is because there is no penalty for dark element. Like I said, it did not even exist back when JMS made the Elemental wands and staves.
    BaMs are also the only class that really benefit from these now because they are the only high lvl fast staves. The elemental bonus is waaaaay to small to outweight the set bonuses on Empress or the new lvl 150 stuff.

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    The definition of "Other elemental penalty" in the extractions and other people's discussions is rather vague, and I don't rip the data files apart to scrutinise the effects. -25% is a big deal to worry about. Also, you had not mentioned anything about JMS anywhere in this thread until just now, and that only 2/3 BaM skills use Dark element and they're rarely used so it's not anything significant for BaMs at any rate.




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