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  1. Default Does my item have permanent durability

    Just to recap on things, I got the Glove from Root Abyss but didn't notice that it was a Mage Glove until I already scrolled it with 10% Glove ATT trololol. So then the everyday event came and when I finally got an Innocence Scroll and it worked I noticed that the durability was at 0% which I thought was odd. I have 2 different ss's here showing the Glove at 0% with my stats and then my stats with the Glove on.

    As you can see even though the Glove is at 0% I'm still getting the stat bonuses from the Glove, IIRC once the item hit 0% you didn't get any bonus at all. I also tried to repair the Glove in Leafre and El Nath but both NPC's didn't even notice the Glove as 0% and I couldn't drag it in or anything.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has had something like this happen before or if my Glove is just glitch somehow.

  2. Default Re: Does my item have permanent durability

    The durability system is pretty glitchy in my experience.

    My friend purchased a scrolled timeless killic about 2 years ago when durability first came out. Upon first equipping it and later equipping it, the item gained durability and was set at 0%. The item could not be repaired, and was unable to equip.

    My money is on that the durability stat is glitched somehow.



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