Hey guys, I'm thinking of quitting my sair and NL so i need some PC. I really want to sell these and buy %str gear to fund my kaiser. Please help me out basilers! Sorry if this is the wrong section too! This my first time using southperry D:

18 atk 3L unique vss with 6% all stat and 6% dex. I just got offered 2.1b, how much should i go for?
17 atk 10% luk scgs 3L unique
19 atk 10% dex scgs 3L unique
26 atk 3L rare scgs - got offered 1.5b
8% luk specs 3L unique got offered 1.55b
16 atk 3L unique 6% dex , crap 2 lines PAC - got offered 2b
100 atk 3L epic 15% total dmg Last Unwelcomed Guest Claw

Also, i found someone with % str stuff and he has
has 11% str spec goggles, his c/o is max
27 atk 13% str vss, c/o is 2.5
5 atk 13% str blackfist cloak c/o is 1.6b.
Should i try to buy them or are his c/o already too overpriced ? He also has a 11% str belt with no offers so far, what should i offer for them? thanks i really wanna fund my kaiser