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  1. Default Those 2-Star EE Scrolls.

    I was wondering, is there a limit like only being able to use these on an equip once? Because the scroll itself doesn't state anything about the % rate lowering, or does it do this and just doesn't say it does?

  2. Default Re: Those 2-Star EE Scrolls.

    The scroll will only work on the item if it has either no enhancements or only one; using the scroll will bring the enhancements to 2 stars, after 2 stars has been reached then it can no longer be enhanced with them. The success rate remains the same for both no enhancements and 1 enhancement.

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    So, I can use an AEE to give it 1 star at a 100% chance and then use the 2-Star EE for a chance of adding 2 more stars at a 80%?

    Nifty, I have never really EE'd my gear before besides randomly dropping scrolls on stuff. Thanks.

  4. Default Those 2-Star EE Scrolls.

    Using them on one star items brings it to 2 stars not 3 i think

  5. Default Re: Those 2-Star EE Scrolls.

    That is disapponting. Guess I'll just toss the 2-Star EE on there then.

    Secondary question: After a 2-Star is used AEE's and EE's work like they say they work, right? Meaning if I used a 2-Star and then an AEE it would work at a 80% chance?

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    Takebacker is correct, using a 2 star enhancement while one enhancement is applied will bring the item to 2 stars, not 3.

    About your secondary question, yes that is correct.




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