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    Hi all-
    Killed victor a bunch last night on 3x buff with event. Got 4 helesium capes and 4 shoes. Looked in fm for pricing and didnt see one up for sale. Is it just not worth it to psok? If it is how much to sell for (in bera btw).

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    I say, Dump a bunch of EE's on them and anything that gets 5+ stars, are worth PSOKing

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    I was wondering about this as well, but just generally speaking, how much are these even worth in the current market? -scania-

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    The only one I've sold went for 50m over the cost of a PSoK, I dunno, I wouldn't PSoK them to put in your FM shop or anything, too many that just won't sell. I only did it cause I had free PSoKs from cube sales, and they were gonna expire.

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    I've seen Helesium Warrior Capes sold in FM for 600mil in Khaini o.o

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    Of the Heliseum, Nova and Tyrant equips aren't the warrior, pirate and thief ones going for the most at the moment anyway?



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