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  1. Default Unable to cast Infinity?

    After returning to Maple a few weeks ago, I logged on my FP to find that the skills had been reset once again.

    After putting in all my points to max out my skills, I have not once been unable to cast the skill Infinity. How ever it just keeps saying "You may not use the skill yet", like it's still cooling down. I've spent more then 3 minutes online since my return, so should well and truly be working.

    Is this a bug that anyone is aware of, or is there any fixes if any one has come across this before?

    As you can see from the SS, I clearly have the Infinity skill maxed.


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    Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Strange. It works fine on my Bishop.

  3. Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Confirming no problems for Bishops.

  4. Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Find a buccaneer and ask them to use Time leap. it should reset all cooldowns.

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    Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Why not just change your quick slots to see whether it's really on cooldown?
    You can replace the Buff Mastery quick slot since it serves no purpose showing up on your screen.

  6. Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Perhaps when he last logged out, the skill was on cooldown
    Now that he logged in and got reset, the skill level was reset, but the cooldown wasn't
    so now it's at a negative cooldown value, displaying as zero, and counting ''down'' to infinity, ironically enough.

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    Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    If that's the case, it should be fixed by any simple SC, as those reset all CDs right?

  8. Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Are you wearing a staff or wand? It won't work if you're wearing a sword or something else. Don't think it works with umbrellas.

  9. Default Re: Unable to cast Infinity?

    Time leap worked on the skill, now is working again. I guess it was really counting down to infinity.

    Unfortunately there was a few SC's and a patch, but the skill wasn't reset during them.

    Thanks for your help all.



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